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Who is vic zhou dating

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He is a member of the Taiwanese boy band F4, and has starred in Taiwanese dramas.It had a variation only in the middle character (from 育 to 渝) from his birth name, 周育民 (pinyin: Vic rose to fame for his role as Hua Ze Lei in the highly popular Taiwan television series Meteor Garden.

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Tabloids published a hugging photo of Renn and Vic at the latter’s apartment on 31 December 2012.On her birthday last month, she wrote on social media: “Very happy, very happy today!” Chou, whose nickname is Zaizai, is believed to have proposed to her then, said Apple Daily.The latest celebrity pairing: Taiwanese stars Vic Zhou (of F4 fame and Black and White), and Reen Yu (also of Black and White, and Lady Maid Maid), tied the knot.The couple, who were dating for four years, made the announcement over their Weibo and Facebook pages respectively. Zhou introduced his new wife by saying, "Mrs Chou is really beautiful. We'd like to thank our friends for their blessings.".The two of them were reportedly dating each other for almost six months now, starting around February of this year.

In his most recent post, he confirmed his new relationship when he said he’s now happy to finally have found someone who truly cares for him.

Yu thanked her husband for remaining by her side, and thanked everyone for their well-wishes, too.

) is a Taiwanese actor, singer and commercial model.

Chou, 34, is just the second member of the television and Mandopop phenomenon F4 to wed.

He shared on Weibo two photos of the couple brandishing wedding rings and said: “Mrs Chou is really beautiful. We thank friends for their blessings.” Yu, 28, made a similar announcement on Facebook.

The 36-year old former F4 member was seen at a shopping mall holding hands with 33-year old Chinese singer-actress Han Wen Wen.