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Who is travis barker dating now

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But now we have word straight from the horse's mouth (the stallion in this case being Travis Barker), which means we can officially accept the fact that the former Blink 182 drummer/late '90s icon is indeed dating Rita Ora.

This seems to be the mantra for Rita Ora and her new boo, Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker.He quit prescription drugs “when the doctors said, ‘You’re probably going to be on most of these drugs for the rest of your life because you went through such a horrific experience, and you’re dealing with bipolar disorder.You’ll probably never play drums again, you’ll never run again,'” Barker said.He was one of two people to survive a plane crash in 2008 in which four people were killed.He has described the near-death experience as a life-changing event but one which has left him with a severe phobia of flying.“Then the challenge was in my mind just to prove them wrong.

I had to wean myself off of every drug, start playing the drums immediately, run.

vintage T-shirt (complete with Ice Cube’s once menacing face), a army green cargo jacket and a black hat to top her blond tresses.

The ensemble matched with black combat boots is actually pretty boyfriend chic.

So obviously fans assumed they were a thing (one does not use that emoji lightly it seems). "We actually share a lot of the same tastes in music," he revealed. We cannot wait for THAT moment to debut on Instagram. Rita Ora, 24, has moved on from ex-boyfriend Ricky Hilfiger and has now been spotted on several dates with a new man, Travis Barker, 39, from pop-punk band Blink 182.

You remember, “All the, small things…” Turns out Rita might have been a fan too, as at a basketball match on September 20 in LA, she “sought him and gave him her info.

Although it’s unlikely the judge will be adopting her beau’s look, it was cute to see her in something out of the norm.