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Who is claudia bassols dating

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She also studied English language and literature at the University of Barcelona.

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He is an actor who studied at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in Glasgow.Private portrait session on October 1, 2008 in Bangkok, Thailand. Actor Jean-Claude Van Damme and actress Claudia Bassol arrive for the red carpet and gala screening of 'Queeen of Langkasuka' during day four of the Bangkok International Film Festival 2008 at SF World Cinema, Centralworld on September 26, 2008 in Bangkok, Thailand.Globally renowned chef Mar Vidal (Vicenta N’Dongo) has decided on a similar fate for Chakula as the film opens, and “Tasting Menu” unfolds on the restaurant’s final night of operation, as Mar endeavors to serve an amazing dinner to those fortunate enough to have landed on the highly exclusive guest list.These include a recently separated married couple, Rachel (Claudia Bassols) and Marc (Jan Cornet), who decide to keep the dinner date they made ages ago; Rachel’s handsome jerk of a boss, Daniel (Timothy Gibbs), who’s jetted in from New York for the occasion; a sweet, tart-tongued countess (Fionnula Flanagan) who insists on dining opposite the urn holding her late husband’s remains; and a pair of rival Japanese businessmen (Togo Igawa, Akihiko Serikawa) vying for ownership of Mar’s next culinary venture.Date of Birth 30 April 1980, New Galloway, Dumfriesshire, Scotland, UK Bassols graduated from the American School of Barcelona in 1997.

Her education includes a degree in Musical Comedy (Coco Comín, Barcelona), with further drama studies in Paris, London, Los Angeles, at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, and at the National Institute of Dramatic Art.

No one succumbs to a shrimp allergy or suffers violent gastrointestinal distress in “Tasting Menu,” but everyone assembled for this relentlessly mediocre ensemble dramedy seems to be having a fairly wretched time all the same, the audience not least of all.

Bringing together some of the least compelling dinner guests in recent memory at a world-class restaurant that’s about to permanently close its doors, this blandly seriocomic misfire from Spanish co-writer/director Roger Gual is too lazy to rise to the level of farce, too banal and insincere to work as drama.

See full summary » Follows the story of Claire Randall, a married combat nurse from 1945 who is mysteriously swept back in time to 1743, where she is immediately thrown into an unknown world where her life is...

See full summary » In May 1940 eighteen-year old Geoffrey Wellum joins the 92 squadron of the Royal Air Force and is taken to the pub,where pilots who have seen action sign their names on a blackboard.

The actor is part of the all-star cast of James Franco's directorial project In Dubious Battle.