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What is the feature-h264-videostorage branch using? Can we separate this branch into a known-good-working (e.g. That way we can use the stable version even if the dev version breaks things.Also, here is the command to create a stream tee so that you can view the video simultaneously while recording to disk.

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Threesome chat - adult chat, live chat, sex chat Gays sex cam - Gay Chat, Gay Personals, Gay Dating. Through this AP mode connection, you can control and view the real-time monitoring images on the phone.But the maximum effective distance between the two devices is 10 meters.Though the setup of this camera is pretty easy, for some users, they get trouble in the connection procedure between the camera and .In fact, it has two connection ways - the AP mode and Remote mode.So a few people have been trying out the feature-h264-videostorage branch and others have asked how to get it working.

Please don't try this if this for your first Zone Minder installation, don't try and upgrade an existing install, as a general rule feature branches are not supported. Hopefully others in this thread can help you out if you hit issues.

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