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Updating music on ipod

from your device's mobile web browser to download the app from the Amazon Music installation page.

topic=11800.0) and use i Tunes's File Add Folder to Library command and select your music files folders.But you do need to add the songs to your i Tunes music library before transferring them to your i Pod.ITunes can import songs either one at a time or in batches.To sync the entire MB library, you will need import MB library to i Tunes first. One is exporting MB library file to i Tunes, and the other is adding your music files folders to i Tunes.The difference is that some fields saved in MB database such as ratings (optional) and play count will be imported to i Tunes only through the former method.Just like MB, i Tunes is, by default, not auto-organizing your music files, only referencing them to its database file from their original location.

Make sure the top two options under i Tunes main menu Devices, to control manually what to sync to your i Device.

Apple i Pods can play back songs in several formats, including MP3s.

You do not need to convert MP3 songs to another format before transferring them to your i Pod.

Highlight the file or folder, then click "Open." ITunes processes the MP3 files and adds them to your library.

Connect your i Pod to your computer with the USB cable.

The new i Pods may be pretty, but only the i Pod touch can sync Apple Music tracks.