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Updating firmware for dell equallogic ps series storage arrays

SCOS 7 adds bi-directional cross-platform replication between SC and PS arrays, and “single pane of glass” day-to-day management of both systems.Dell just announced the release of Equal Logic OS 8.0, which includes a firmware upgrade and v Storage APIs for Storage Awareness (VASA) provider that will enable its arrays to work with v Sphere Virtual Volumes (VVols).

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If you are missing a controller, or don't see the correct version, you'll need to follow my other steps.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Get a serial connection (same setup as a Cisco connection - 9600/8/1/n/n) to the controller that is missing. You should get a prompt like this: Boot Ethernet Port: []Hit backspace a few times to make sure you're not accidentally putting anything in that field. Type in "CPU0 File Name: [eqlstor.gz]CPU1 File Nmae: [eqlqrq.gz]Core Dump Ethernet Port: []Core Dump IP Address: []Core Dump Network Mask: []Core Dump Gateway IP Addressp: []Core Dump Server IP Address: []Core Dump Enable: []Core Dump File Name: []Pss Log Enable: []CPU0 Memory Alloc: [75%]CFEYou should then boot properly to 4.0.6. rm the files that remain in the primary directory.4. What's unique about this particular release is the broad scope of Dell arrays that will be VVol capable with this update.The VMware hardware capability list (HCL) for Dell arrays shows that more than 45 Equal Logic arrays now support VVols.With next-generation controllers and advanced software, the PS6610 offers 16 times more memory than previous generations, and upto 50% space savings with compression of snapshots and replicas.The Dell Storage PS6610 is ideal for archival/secondary storage, mixed workload consolidation and video surveillance solutions.V7.0 also adds: Dell's Storage Manager software (DSM) is now a common facility covering SC, PS and FS products.

It has an HTML5-based interface and is built on the previous SC Series Enterprise Manager.

Our GSS folks just released KB article 2049103 which details a VMFS Heartbeat and Lock corruption issue that manifests itself on DELL Equal Logic storage arrays when running PS Series firmware v6.0.6.

As per the KB: A VMFS datastore has a region designated for heartbeat types of operations to ensure that distributed access to the volume occurs safely.

You can only update online from 4.0.1 to 4.0.2, and the SAN must be offline from 4.0.1 to 4.1.1, for example.

So..your hosts, in our case the 10 ESX hosts, must be powered off to prevent any issues of LUNs losing connection, or a host powering on and trying access the SAN while it's updating.3. If it takes longer than a few minutes, there's a good chance that it could have failed.

It's pretty unnerving to have a key piece of hardware die on the ONE piece of equipment that stores everything in the company, but now that I've run through this once, it's not really all that bad to do.