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Updating directx 9

updating directx 9-66

Are there many such editable polygons in your application?

updating directx 9-67updating directx 9-55updating directx 9-51updating directx 9-77

We now have the links to the Microsoft downloads for you. As far as we know, Microsoft's DXSETUP.exe, that comes with the redistributable version of Direct X, doesn't officially support silent install.Please could you point out the recommended/accepted method for installing Direct X 9 while passing the validation rules regarding silent install?Now I would like to add some editing functionality. While the user edits the shape, vertices would be added, deleted and moved.Right now each polygon is stored as a vertex buffer. Can I change the length of a dynamic VB and add vertices at the end?This is the easiest version to install, as long as you have an internet connection. This one is a bit more complex, but may be needed if the computer running Trainz does not have an internet connection.

The file is at https:// Lang=en&id=35 To install this version: 1. You will need a system with an internet connection to download the file, then a USB stick or CD to copy it to the system running Trainz.

XInstall Helper)) ce this seems to be a fairly common problem (especially with TS2009/TS2010 users), I thought I would write this thread to give a one-stop place with all the relevant information for updating Direct X (which is required for TS2009 SP3 and later versions) If you are using Windows 7 (and possibly Vista) you may need to install the Redist version.

If you are running XP, you can install either (although the websetup version may work with Vista/7, it's not guaranteed) Also note that if you have Direct X 10 or higher installed, you need to install the Redist version as the websetup version will say that a later version is installed) If one method fails, try the other method.

I read up on how it's safer to use it in a VM and that it's dangerous to install it onto a drive, but I think that's more...

I've made a small 3D viewer application using Direct X 9.0.

Select the proper version for your system from the boxed-area on our Downloads page.