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Updating blackberry address book

After trying various methods, I achieved success in getting all my contacts transferred with minimal efforts. SOURCE PHONE TO PC CONNECTIONConnect the Sony Ericsson (Or other phone) data cable to your computer on its USB port and the phone. The file saved on the computer will mostly have a file extension ".csv" Note: You can use several methods to do this.

Handling contacts on the Black Berry Z10 is very similar to what most Black Berry users have become accustomed to, but old and new users alike may find a few useful tidbits in our top ten tips below... Choose which networks feed contacts into your address book by swiping down from the top of the Contacts screen, tapping settings, and toggling networks. Contacts can be added from the Hub and the phone app by long-pressing their latest correspondence and tapping Add to Contacts from the context menu. Contact profile pictures can be changed by tapping their image when looking at their card. Social updates can be shown under the Updates tab of a contact, so long as Find More Contact Details is enabled from the Contacts Settings. Important people can be marked as favorites from the context menu for easy access from the left-side pane in Contacts. Contacts can be set to speed dial by long-pressing their latest call in the phone app, and selecting Add to Speed Dial.However, Outlook 2011 does not support Cal DAV or Card DAV that’s required for i Cloud contacts and calendars.We recommend that you update Outlook 2011 to the latest SP3 version 14.3.4 or later.It needs to be structured like this including quotes: "Tom Roberts","039786853","HOME" The home will tell your Tomtom to use the Home Icon against this entry. I downloaded my address book from Microsoft Outlook, tidied it up in Microsoft Excel then wrote a function to concatenate the name, phone number and type into one line then copied and pasted it into notepad and saved it in my Tomtom directory called contacts overwriting the file already there.Be aware Tomtom is very fussy about the exact spelling of it's files.Go to Help Check For Updates to download the latest version.

Check the necessary updates and click the Install button.

As you can tell, the Contacts app is just as socially connected as ever, plus there are a bunch of new tricks to make sure you stay in touch with the people that are important in your life.

Are there any shortcuts you miss from the old Black Berry OS?

Maybe you Z10 owners have a few other tips you'd like to share with the class...

When trying to edit my address book on the Blackberry, I get a message that says "Address updated externally. Step 3 may be redundant, but the process fixes the problem.

Existing Speed Dial contacts can also be removed from the contextual menu. Speed up navigation within Contacts by tapping and scrolling down the row of letters on the right side. Contact information spread between different social networks can be linked together so all of their information is found in one place - just tap the Links icon at the bottom of the contact card. Filter the which network's contacts you're viewing by tapping the icon in the bottom-left. Tap on a contact's address to launch into Black Berry Maps and navigate to their location.