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Updating airport extreme firmware

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This application is available for use on Mac OS X computers (10.3 and later) and on Microsoft Windows 2000 or XP computers - Support for Keyspan Express Remote - You can now use a Keyspan Express Remote to control Air Tunes.

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On Wednesday, Apple released its Air Port Base Station Firmware Update 7.7.7 for its 802.11ac Air Port Extreme Base Station and Time Capsule units.While we were expecting new firmware for previous generation Airport Extreme and Time Capsule devices to drop this week, some will be disappointed that this update does not magically update the hardware as well.Airport Firmware 7.4.1 enables the Back to my Mac disk sharing feature announced this week for previous generation Airport Extreme and Time Capsule devices.The update resolves the following security issues with the devices: Available for: Air Port Extreme and Air Port Time Capsule base stations with 802.11ac Impact: An attacker in a privileged network position may obtain memory contents Description: An out-of-bounds read issue existed in the Open SSL library when handling TLS heartbeat extension packets.An attacker in a privileged network position could obtain information from process memory.Airport Express users get no love (beyond bug fixes) as Air Disk sharing is not supported on those devices.

The Mobile Me features allow you to access files that are stored on a USB drive attached to your base station.

A while back, I picked up an Air Port Express A1084 router on Craigslist, and found that it was incompatible with my Air Port Utility and wireless-n network, even though it looked *identical* to the current model of Air Port Express.

So, I wrote a post on this blog about the different types of Air Port Express routers, noting that if you're looking for used Airport Express routers to extend your Air Play network, you'd better seek out model A1264.

I then tried to hop on my neighbor’s Wi-Fi to see if I could see my drive.

Unfortunately, my neighbor’s router does not support UPn P or NAT-PMP so I could not see my shared drive through Back to my Mac.

If you want to make sure you're buying the right router, you need to know the differences.