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This brief provided insight of the nature of the onion trade in Tanzania focusing on Arusha and Moshi markets.

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As a highly intelligent man, Yusuf Manji has been unable to refrain from going overboard, taking his family with him.“My agent must have received enquiries from European clubs.“But I like where I am and I have been having a good time with my teammates and coaches.She also revealed that some schools were centres of evil behaviour, citing the case of a standard four pupil who had been seducing and sodomising fellow boys in toilets at school.Upon being detected and quizzed, she said, he confessed that he had been influenced by pornographic movies he had watched in Mtwara where he lived previously.The club, however, have dismissed reports of the Brazilian leaving the club after Paulinho was warned by the Chinese Football Association (CFA) earlier this month for starring in adverts alongside a Japanese porn star.

“We officially announce that Guangzhou Evergrande has never received an offer for Paulinho,” a club statement read.

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Yusuf Manji, the CEO of Quality Group Tanzania and one of the richest men in Africa, was born into a life of privilege.

The purchase of positive media, hiring hackers, creating fake positive news, all in an attempt to keep from being exposed.

You will read about the deep depravity of a tortured soul lost in his own world of alcohol, drugs, sex and money.

Bernard James, the Citizen Sunday, Pornography, which is illegal under Tanzanian law, is increasingly being embraced by children as a favourite source of entertainment, prompting alarmed parents and teachers to demand quick and concerted action to curb the trend.