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Tabcontrol validating

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– Peter Feb 7 '16 at | show more comments 相关推荐:c# - How to change Tab from Tab Control in WPF without violating the MVVM pattern the button below executes a method via ICommand interface / Binding.The called method generates text which is intended to be displayed in the second tab.

– Filippo Riccio Feb 6 '16 at Could you post the getter-setter code for the property Error Content?As an alternative, we also offer a detached option with the power electronics and control systems located in an external control cabinet.The operating unit can be mounted either within the control cabinet or on a swivel arm. Drumm" all the controls on that tab have finished validating?To swith back to the original tabpage, you may use a variable to store the original page index.And even if I had such an event, I would be forced to listen to many validation events, one for each control that might fail validation, and maintain the list of unvalidated tabs in code.

I should note here that subscribing directly to the (as recommended by Chris Sells in his Win Forms book), So the focus can indeed change from controls that failed validation (including moving to other tabs).

Selected Tab This property returns or sets the currently selected tab page.

You can use this property to programmatically change the current tab: Selected Index This property returns or sets the index of the currently selected tab page.

To reproduce the error message I need to select before correct values and after that when the values are not valid the error messages appears.

My question are: 1) How can I reproduce the error messages of validation from the first time that the item is showed on the screen?

Disclaimer: There is similar question here on Stack Overflow with regard to Silverlight 4 which has been unanswered since about one and a half years.