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Ubuntu, Linux Mint and PCLinux OS are considered the easiest for new users who want to get productive in Linux as soon as possible without having to master all its complexities.On the other end of the spectrum, Slackware Linux, Arch Linux and Free BSD are more advanced distributions that require plenty of learning before they can be used effectively.

FELLOW OF THE ROYAL ANTHROPOLOGICAL INSTITUTE Mli MBER OF THE COUNCIL OF THE PALESTINE EXPLORATION FUND EDITOR OK 'n OTl ONAHY Of THE BIBLE' AND 'DICTIONARY OP CHRIST AND THE UOSl'ELS' WITH THE ASSISTANCE OF JOHN A. The might of i)belonged to it, and all the visible forces of the world were at his command. BU-b U-ga Ty Bil-bi-gar (' month of fire- making') . Ein, Ein-Ishtar ('work, or mission of Ishtar') Elul. ]) and 'festival of Eamman' (=Shebat-- desiguations not yet precisely identified. 85'21) seems to have become permanently established in the days of the Kassite period, and in the Assyr. We give it here, together with the names of the corresponding month-deities (K. The rela- tion is of a more indirect kind, inasmuch as the festivals of the gods (including, in particular, Niu- Girsu = Ninib, Ish-khanna, the Scorpion-goddess, Uildilr, and Ba'u, and also, even at that early date, Tur-zi = Tanimuz) are of astral origin. 287-307 ('The of the Months'), with the very fu U review by F. It has been argued tliat the ritual of an old pagan summer feast was transferred, under Christian influence, to that of St. ICgypt was thus supposed to have possessed two calendars — the one conform- ing to scientilic truth, the other, in spite of all its inconveniences, used for administrative life, the two tallying exactly on one single day every IWO years. The idea that the priests knew and employed the period of 1460 years led naturally to the inference that they were acquainted with, and employed, an exact Sothie year reserved for their use. All Kalends were sacred to Juno, whose connexion with the moon is beyond question (Wissowa, Bel. On the Nones the rex, and, in the Republican period, his successor in certain religious duties, the rex saerorum, announced the dates of the festivals of the month. CAMBRIDGE PLATONISTS Trutb, tliey tell us, is Natural and Kevealctl, ami reason is tlio faculty wliioli appreliemls ami judges both kinds. 112),— the truths of Natural Heligion, that God exists, and is good and wise ; and, on the other hand, apprehends, in addition to the truths contained in our ' natural knowledge of God,' the truths contained in the 'revelation of His will,' which is made to us in the Scriptures. The Scriptures are, indeed, we are told, exactly suited to our reason. The cultivator meanwhile ot Vera a little rice, sugar, and vermilion to Machhandri, and then makes two tiny holes in the ground to represent bandds^ or granaries, drops in a few grains of wheat, and covers them over. Occasionally a fairy woman, with the of the stolen wife, was left (Campbell, ii. ' The child is then left there for some time, and the rite is repeated for several days (FL xv [1904] 348). 126) ; and elsewhere in Europe, where nature-spirits take the place of fairies, the change Ung superstition is also connected with them ; e.g. Thus the changeling belief, con- nected as it is with nature-spirits, demons, etc., may well have existed before it was connected with fairies. The Orphic cosmology made -Ether and Chaos the oll'spring of Chronos, or Time, and so, ahmg with Necessity, the second principle in the universe (Damascius, dc Prim,. Chaos appears in it as the elementary principle whose union with Spirit (■KPevna) produced Desire (jr6Sos). Life originated in the thunderstorms that were produced by the heat of the air. The work on Moral Characters (-qdiuol x^-p- a KTTjpe! The efl'ect of this amulet seems to be similar to that of the eje. The social organism still includes the political State. the profession, defence, and ,'pro])agation of the Ortho- dox Faith ; (3) the fact that the term b not to bo G90 CLERICALISM AND ANTI-CLERICALISM regarded as exohisively the negation and antithesis of Clericalism (though it is so largely), since Anti- Clericalism is, iu most cases, due not merely to the natural process of reaction in which it originateeople make them.' This may even be so much the case that Clericalism may not meet with much, if ^^■ith any, opposition.After soliciting feedback from the visitors on his web site, he proceeded with building what many refer to today as an "improved Ubuntu" or "Ubuntu done right".But Linux Mint is not just an Ubuntu with a new set of applications and an updated desktop theme.BACK ISSUES AVAILABLE: Back issues 1 49-1 50, 1 51 Pt 2, 1 55, 1 56 Pt 1, 159, 162-166, 168-172 are as stated above in subscription info. J£FF Hf ekmann Interviews: continuously, with photos! 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The Tibetan system of reckoning time is of mixed Western and Chinese origin. the Samradh, from Beltine to Samfhuin, and the Geimhredh, from Samfhuin to Beltine ' (cited in O'Donovan, Book of Rights, Dublin, 1847, Introd. The year is also expressed by da se mis, ' twice six months,' in the Irish laws, where also a division into two imequal parts is referred to — Samhfucht, a summer period of five months, and Gamhfueht, a winter period of seven months. For the Celts this appears from the fact that, out of the Celtic names for the four seasons, three only are Indo-European, — those of winter, spring, and summer, — while those for autumn have arisen during the Celtic epoch. 3rd quarter, Samhradh, begin- ning with the festival of Bel- tane, May 1st (called also Cit-soman or Cet-samain, 1st day of Sanwno-s ; cf. 4th quarter, Foglmmhar, begin- ning with the festival of Lughnasadh, Aug. For the texts and for the old explanations of these names, see O'Donovan, lii. This fourfold division must have been general over the Celtic area, for traces of the great festi- vals, with which three of the divisions began, still survive in folk-custom or can otherwise be discovered. Or they may be later fixed dates of an earlier movable summer festival. 134 ; D'Arbois de Jubainville, Etudes sur le droit celt., Paris, 1895, i. passim) ; others have adopted Kant's view that, before the synodical month of 29J days was .■ulo]itod, the sidereal month of 27J days, divided into three parts, originated the period of 9 days (Loth, 7,'''./ xxv. If the sidereal month divided into three parts produecil roughly a period of 9 days, this again divided by 3 gave a period of 3 days. The increasing power exerted by what was written^ as is always the case, must have resulted in a longer continued observance of the official calendar, in spite of the contradictions offered by the stars and the seasons ; hence the paradoxical result that the discrepancies were more prolonged in proportion as the centuries of civilization increased in number. Not only were the Cappadocian month- names borrowed in toto from the Avesta-Pahlavi system (Benfey and Stern, Ueber die Monntsnamen einiger alien Volker, Berlin, 1836, pp. All the surviving fragments of the Roman calendar date from 31 B. or later, and thus re- present it as revised by Caisar (see art. After that revision the oiiicial year began with the month of January, and in fact, since 153 B. adhikamdsa, 'intercalaiy month'), has 384 days or 13 months ; it makes the agreement of the lunar and solar years possible by bringing the rotation of the seasons into regularity. — In Siam, aa in Cambodia, the names given to the days are Indian in origin : rfln (tth'il (Siam. , Iust in front comes a child, the son or graiulson of the deceased, carried on a palanquin, his forehead adorned with a band of ])laited bamboo, to which is fastened the cotton cord from the co Hin. At marriages an image or drawing of the totem animal or plant is sometimes made and worshipped, and a portion of the /iicher, or sacrilicial marriage-cake, which is partaken of only by relatives of the family, nuiy be given to the live animal or left at its hole or den. If the tenant does not possess a bullock of the colour prescribed, he will get over this by applying to the forehead of his own bullocks a mark of the reqiiired colour. The Jews feared Ldhth, the night-demon, who was especially hostile to children, living on the blood of those whom she slew (Sayce, Hib. 10 ; see Whitney and Lanman, Atharva-Veda, Cambridge, Mass., 1905, i. He describes one ■v\hicii he had Been at Dessau, and he strongly recommended that the changeling should be thro«ni Into the river. 61; Campbell, Superstitions, pp.t 38, 86; Hyde, Beside the Fire, 1891, p. Where she is recovered from the fairy realm, the stories bear a close resemblance to those of the rescue of the dead wife from the other world, showing, as in other cases, that in popular fancy there is little real distinction between the two regions (see Scott, p. 130 ff.; Lang, 'The Dead Wife,' Murray's Magazine, 1887, p. The object of the theft was that the woman might act as nurse to her captor's child, or, in the case of a gii'l, as his wiie or housekeeper. Many Toruba tales resemble our changeling belief, though here the child is possessed by a spirit which makes it assume the form of a growing boy and devour tjuantities of food. This seems to be the sense to be attributed to the text of ch. But it may be observed to be a right becoming more and more impracticable and impossible among the more advanced peoples, simply because with the higher conception of the answer to the question 'Who is my neighboirr? The word is, indeed, only too often used merely as a term of reproach, and without consideration of the fact that it stands for a variety of values.

Wielding illimitable power, he is the servant of all, and cannot usurp the licence of the private subject. Engelbert Huber, there was, in the period of the kings of Ur, a di U'erent set of names in use, viz., the Sumerian designations recognized through- 1 Incorrectly transcribed from Se-kin-kud or from Se-illaf » As V. 43 gives the form Nin-DAR-na (nith the pro- longation -na\ the name of this god, who is mentioned in the inscriptions of Ciudea as the consort of Ig-khanna, would pro- liably be more accurately- transcribed Nin-gun-na. In the popular calendar there is no mention of anything astronomical. In 1872 the Japanese Government decided to discontinue the system of lunar months and adopt the Gregorian calendar. It appears also from Irish texts, which tell that ' the year was divided into two parts, i.e. The year probably began with the winter half ; this seems to have been the case in Ireland, where Foghamhar ('the harvest') is defined as the name given to the last month, and where the year commenced witli Samhain {Samfhuin), the day of the feast of Tara, i.e. In all Aryan languages there is no primitive name for autumn — the last of the four seasons to receive a name. And, since their ritual asjiect and pur])ose are similar, they may have borrowed each from the other, thus representing different currents of early custom. Equally in Welsh texts and laws the same period is found, e.g. the numerous triads and enneads of beings in 'Da Derga's Hostel,' MCel xxii. Only it is probable that the further we descend in history the less frequent they were, because in the earliest times the direct observation of the sky and of Nature was more the basis of the calendar, and would thus speedily note the error. The influence of the Iranian calendar was far- reaching. two at the end of January, August, and December ; and one at the end of April, June, September, and November, so that the festivals remained, as might have been expected from Roman conservatism, even under Ciesar as dictator and pontifex maximus, exactly in the same positions which they had always occupied. The intercalary year, which is called pi a:t Mka:mdt (Skr. Four bunzr.n take their places, standing on the hearse at the four corners of the co Hin, which is covered with (lowers, ornamented with figures cut out of gold paper, and furnished, where the head is, witli lighted candles and burning scented sticks. Adon, ' master,' which is so frequent as a designation of deities in the OT and in I'l Kcnician ii Lscriptions and proper names (see Lidzbarski, Nordsem. The more backward tribes, if they come across the dead body of one of their totem animals, will bathe and wash their clothes, and throw away an earthen pot, as if they had been rendered im- pure by the death of a relative. The Chamars also occasionally worship the sun, moon, and lire, and at the Punchainydn festival ofl'er milk and parched grain at the hole of the domestic snake (W. This semi- theological explanation has taken the place of ideas connected with ethnic customs of name- giving, baiitism, and purification, by which various dangers menacing the child from spirits, demons, etc., or even danger arising from him in his tabu state, are neutralized, and before the performance of which he is sometimes regarded as not quite human (cf. In general, infants are in danger from female demoniac beings, or from witches (the two differing but little from each other), who injure, kill, eat, or change them. 266), and a similar belief is already found in the Atfaarvaveda (vii. The Malays believe in a female vampire which sucks the blood of newly'-born children (Skeat, Malay Magic, 1900, p. _ Among the Ainus the legend of the goat-sucker embodies a belief in a child-stealing demon (Batchelor, The Ainu and their Folk-lore, 1901, p. For an American Indian instance — a Cree child who turned into an owl by night and ate other children— see Petitot, Traditions indiennes, Paris, 1886, p. Medieval witohes were also supposed to kill newly-born children, or to dig up the corpses of the unbaptized in order to cut off their fingers or hands for various magical uses. These had a great appetite, were very filthy, and WTOught harm to the mothers. These directions are not always carried out, in which case the woman remains a prisoner there. Such tales are mainly of Scottish and Irish provenance ; but they also occur in Scandinavia, and sometimes the ' appearance ' of the woman remains in life. Cattle were also liable to be 'changed.' A cow was stolen and some substitute left in its place — an alder stock, an old elf, etc. In this connexion it is important to observe that, among peoples with whom the belief is found that spirits, etc., are harmful to ch Udren, the actual changeling .superstition occasionally exists, probably apart from any influence exerted by European changeling stories. It had an independent exist- 1 Book of the Dead, ch. The eye is wounded by Ra ; a shadow called the hairy net obscures her, but the shadow is removed, and, as she comes out quite sound and healthy, so will the wearer of the v:a come out of all clangers. The right of conquest is, indeed, still acknowledged in the international law of civilized States. ' the overween- ing estimate and despotic use of human authority '), it is less liable to misconception.

At an early period this extensive district was, for convenience, divided into two wards, called the Over Ward and the Nether Ward— Lanark being the chief town and seat of justice of the former, and Rutherglen of the latter : this arrangement was altered during the last century, when the county was divided into three wards, namely, the Upper, the Nether or Lower and Middle Wards— the chief (owns being Glasgow, Lauark, and Hamilton, and each districtsubject to the jurisdiction of a sheriff-substitute.

The central part of the couqty throughout is termed Clydes- dale, or the vale of Clyde, from being the basin of that beautiful and useful river, of which we shall say more hereafter.

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Professor of Welsh and Comparative Philo- logy, anil Dean of the Faculty of Arts, in the University College of Wales, Aberyst- wyth ; author of Celtic Religion, Grammar 'if Old Welsh Podrij. But the consciousness of power led the holders of it from one stage to another. This Sumerian group current in Nippur at that early date is as follows (we give in a second column the usual Semitic renderings which subsequently came into use, and which, as is well know n, were adopted by the Jews during the Exile, and are retained to this day in the . In all Buddhist lands the weekly fast is more or strictly observed. — Monier- Williams, Bmtnnanism and Hindu- ismi, 1891, also Biidil Hsm, 1SS9 ; A. The later fourfold division is shovn clearly by the old Irish method of arranging the four seasons, arrived at by subdividing the two halves of the year : ^Ist quarter, Geimhredh, begin- I ning with the festival of Sam- Imin, Nov. 1st (see these fully dis- cussed under FESTIVALS [Celtic]). The Celts may have observed in some fashion the solstices and equinoxes, as the survivals of Mid- summer Day tend to show, and as may be sug- gested by such facts as that of the Helvetii appointing a day close to the March equino.v for an assembly of forces, perhaps because this was a sacred day i5-s (op. 360) ' the nine-night week.' In Irish its title is nomad, 'a space of 9 days ' (Stokes, ECel xxii. Thus a delay of 3 nights in judicial matters is frequent (D'Arbois de Jubain- ville, op. passim), and 3 nights and days of fasting, of hosiritality, of a sojourn, of a journey, of a truce, etc., are common (Loth, BCel xxv. The heliacal rising of Sothis took place in that year on Ist Payni— an error of ten 'months. B^ck, Augsburg, 1695), which shows that in that year Fra%'artin 1 of the Old Avesta calendar = Mitro 22 of the 'era of Jalal-ad-din ' = Sept. But it is certain that the old religious year began with March, which marks the season when all living things, man included, break into fresh activity, and which bears the name of the deity who represented at once the agricultural and the military acti\ity of the community. the Parentalia and Lupercalia, called for the use of such instruments. If the deceiised has no direct male descendant, a slave may fill this role, and receives his liberty through this fact of entering into the monastic order. i^ i ,^i, u'rl upon them the name of Latitudinarians. n,; ;:i^, 'I'hey were all very zealous against popery. The place-names ' Emcq-ham-mclck (Gn 14", 2 S IS'"), which has probably come down from Canaan- it e times, and Yad-ham-mclek in the list of Sheshonk (Breasted, iv. But the more interest- ing developments of totemism recorded among the aboriginal Australians and the American Indians can no longer be observed in the Central Provinces. Before sowing begins, an auspicious day, known as mahurat, must be fixed by a Brahman, who also declares what kind of rice should first be sown, what is an auspicious letter or syllable for the commencement of the sower's name, and what colour the bullock should be which is first yoked (C. In the wdieat districts the com|letion of sowing is celebrated by the Macktiandri PCija, or worship of Mother Earth — a ceremony meant to invoke fertility. Such beliefs regarding dia- bolical changelings survived into modern times in Prussia and Lithuania (Ploss, i. The devil also carries ofi all children execrated by their parents (Tooke, Hist, of Rwsia, 1709, i. Analogies to this are common in savage and barbaric superstition re^'ardin^ stillborn children, etc, who become demons. the English tale of Childe Kowland [Jacobs, English Fairy Talcs, 1898, p. Here it applies mainly to women in child-birth or before their churching, — a period when they were peculiarly liable to tlie attack of supernatural influences, — but there are similar instances of girls and men being carried oft' and a substitute left in their place. Another class of spirits enter a child and eat all its food till it becomes emaci- ated and dies. The eye was bound on the laiuckles, neck, or heart of the mummy, or placed within the abdomen. This sort of influence is regarded at a later stage as supernatural ; but, no doubt, a primitive people saw nothing supernatural in it. I' urther- more, we must lay stress upon the fact that the same means that are used to attract blessings are, at the same time, able to dispel ill luck. One remedy against sorcery is to drink a tea of peonies ; on the other liand, this tea promotes the secretion of milk for nursing women (Pradel, ' Griech. It would be regarded as so great an outrage that it would undoubtedly prove to be one of the most unprofitable adventures in which a civilized State could engage. In a sense the latter interpretation is to be preferred, inasmuch as Clerical Lsm is by no means peculiar to the eccle- siastical history of Christianity.