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Stattracker not updating

Im having a problem the last week with Stattrack not updating itself. I got the same answer from Yahoo support techs, macro's...

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I got the same answer from Yahoo support techs, macro's emails about you being behind a fire wall.I contacted Yahoo support and they told me it was a firewall issue, but the Stat Tracker was working last week with no problems at all - and the firewall was on.All other Flash-based apps work fine for me in any browser, so the problem has to be on Yahoo's end.We're sorry to bother you, but our systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer network that we consider a fair use violation.Common causes for this to happen include any non-human interaction with the website such as scraping or embedding. Please use a different computer and connection and visit, or email us for more information: .Hi all, As you may have noticed, Rune Track was down the past few days. That view will re-activate your account and inform the system to start tracking your stats again at the next system update.

If you're having issues with your stats being tracked, simply view your profile page.

If disabling spyware protection doesn't fix the problem, re-enable it right away.

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Hi all, As you may recall, Jagex removed F2P accounts from the Rune Scape Highscores in November of last year.

Since these accounts were no longer accessible from the Rune Scape Highscores, Rune Track has been unable to track them, and thus they have remained dormant for months.

Restart both Yahoo Messenger and your Web browser in order to reestablish the connection to Stat Tracker. Download and install the latest version of the Adobe Flash player for your Web browser (link in Resources).