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Sprung the dating game becky

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The premise is pretty simple; you play as either a girl (bountiful Becky, recently dumped by Sean) or a boy (studly man-beast Brett, trying to come to terms with his feelings for his best friend), and have to guide them through the thrills and spills of life on a ski-resort break.

The game features humorous dialogs and adult situations with upbeat music and 2D graphics.Instead, it sports the more mischievous and comic side, going no further than scantily clad good-looking guys and gals, and high school-grade sexual humor (in one instance a character refers to someone he dislikes as being a member of "The Circle Jerks").The game sports the appropriate "T for Teen" ESRB rating as a result.Games like Sprung don’t usually make it to the US and UK (unless they’re coded by an individual most likely named “Cyber_Knight69” in a darkened room in his parents house); pretty much the most similar is the Leisure Suit Larry franchise.Therefore, its somewhat surprising that Ubisoft have chosen to tread this somewhat taboo-ridden ground and give us this title.Sprung is a dating game that takes place at an upscale ski resort.

Play as either Brett or Becky, two young and attractive adults, on vacation - each "looking for love".

The game is extremely repetitive in nature but it doesn't seem that way while you're playing.

That could be because it's somewhat interesting and unique to challenge yourself to impress a guy or girl in a game.

We dont know, but we’re keen to find out…For the large part, Sprung looks a lot like one of the internet chat services that use animated avatars; the characters are toon in appearance, and are bold and striking.

A range of expressions have been designed for each, and while none look any more impressive than a Saturday morning episode of Scooby Doo, they do the job surprisingly well.

(Posting via cell phone - it was hard to find with this giant item-hoarding purse.) I also have a bracelet that Sean had given to me, a makeup kit, a spare pair of sneakers, a Golden Line Notebook (Brett insisted I keep one with me), and baby pictures of Sean. He's so cute the way he just changes the subject when he's embarassed...