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Saneesh Elayadath of CNN News18 slammed Mangalam and said this was not the way to report a story.

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Senior journalist and editor of Manorama News, Pramod Raman said that telecast of the audio clip was equal to throwing human waste on the public’s face.

Pramod, who was a part of Malayalam’s first news channel Asianet News since its inception in 1995, says that Sashi Kumar, the channel’s founder and journalist, taught them that news was about humanitarianism and objectivity.“What we saw today was a decayed version of news produced by the first Malayalam news channel that has started without a single person from Sashi Kumar’s school of thought.

"There's so much that's changed in the way we connect. And it's funny, one of the metaphors that came up for me when looking into Bilquis was also the idea of a starlet from the silent era trying to survive in the day of the talkies.

Mangalam TV, a new Malayalam channel, launched on Sunday with a ‘sensational’ story.

Our media is flooded with sexualized images, from advertisements in magazines, billboards, and TV commercials to sexually explicit lyrics and music videos, to sex scenes in television shows and movies.