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Sex arrangement

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“He was convinced that they were both flirting with him,” Brooks said.

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On average, my sugar baby and I see each other once per week at the most, and on occasions, twice per month.Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies or Mommas both get what they want, when they want it.” Founded in 2006, the site now boasts 3.6 million members; 2.6 million of those members are sugar babies, while one million are sugar daddies and mommas willing to provide.For those who don’t know, sugar daddies and mommas are older people that may provide material or monetary support to their sugar babies, younger partners in a relationship.But unlike other dating sites, where a user might also list preferred hobbies or desired traits, Taylor instead indicates preferences for a "sugar daddy" and an "arrangement" in the range of $1,000 to $3,000 a month.Saddled with piles of student debt and a job-scarce, lackluster economy, current college students and recent graduates are selling themselves to pursue a diploma or pay down their loans.But after getting familiar with Seeking Arrangement, a popular dating site for sugar daddy/baby relationships, I soon discovered that maybe the twosomes I had assumed were father/daughter might not be that at all. To get a more personal account of what these types of relationships entail, I spoke to Cameron*, a 48-year-old healthcare consultant (earning upwards of $325,000 a year) who's been a sugar daddy for three and a half years (he got divorced almost a decade ago).

As Cameron explains below, this isn't the sex-for-cash transaction most see it as.

We don’t know yet, but openness to the idea of becoming a sugar baby is far higher than we had predicted.

“‘Sugar baby’ sounds a lot better than ‘prostitute’ or ‘escort’,” the authors added.

Because Brooks had never done anything like this before, she brought two friends, unbeknownst to her date.

They sat across the coffee shop and frequently looked over and giggled.

On a cold March night in 2014, 18-year-old high school senior Jessica Brooks stepped in to a Starbucks for her first date with Sam Richard, a man she’d met only online. “I thought he was beautiful and so smart and just the perfect gentleman.” They talked for so long that the barista had to kick them out so that she could close shop.