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People media dating

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Together, People Media's 28 communities consistently appear in the Com Score/Media Metrix Top 10.People Media is a targeted online dating service focusing on specific demographic groups.

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These specialty sites provide a unique, customized experience for those who wish to date within a specific demographic.A niche or targeted online dating site differs from broad dating sites like by recognizing commonalities important to customers such as ethnicity, religion and lifestyle.As ranked by com Score Media Metrix People Media operates 6 of the top 50 ranked personals websites including Black People, Senior People, Single Parent, and BBPeople With $11.6 million of EBITDA in 2008 and 255,000 paying members, People Media is atop the niche or targeted segment of the online dating industry.People Media is owned by, an operating company of IAC.They don't give you services and make excuses on why the services weren't received to the customer.

I'm preparting to contact the Arizona and California State Attorney's office and the California as well as FBI since they had also admitted to not having to pax taxes on money receive by the customers!

The last week of my membership they put HUGE ads on the home page.

At first you could click my matches or search and get the ad to disappear.

When I had called and sent letters to their company for the reimbursement they refused to answered with a fake answering phone saying "The customer service reps are busy." They refused certified letters and don't respond to the online customer request.

They people are scandals and it so sad that they do this to people who are looking for love.

We need to come together to shut these businesses down.