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Olympic dating horse jumping long jump

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Edward Gourdin was the first to pass the 25-foot mark, leaping 7.69/25-2¾ while jumping for Harvard in 1921.

In this context, athletics can be seen as another example of what was a cultural norm of competitiveness.The long jump is the oldest known athletic jumping event, dating to the ancient Greek Olympic games, so if proper statistics were available, a modern world record-holder could claim to be the greatest long jumper in more than 2,600 years.There is recorded evidence of an ancient jumper surpassing 7 meters (23 feet), although his technique was different – he carried hand weights, for example – and Greek officials sadly neglected IAAF monitoring standards for wind speed, drug testing, etc.1 Tug of war1900-1920Entertainment for West Country cider heads during the summer fête?Tell that to the ancient Greeks, renowned for their physical and intellectual stamina, who staged their first tug in 500BC.The long jump world record progression, therefore, begins around the turn of the 20th century.

The United States has dominated the long jump world record charts, and Americans such as Myer Prinstein and Alvin Kraenzlein held generally recognized world records in the late 1890s.

Rome, the original choice for 1908, had gone into a suitable panic following the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, so London stepped in to host the event, bringing some brand new sea toys along for the party.

There were three categories - the eight-metre, 60-foot and open class - and average speeds were almost funereal, hovering around the underwhelming 19mph mark.

In modern Olympic rules, a team of eight had to pull the opposition six feet to win, but if no such drama had occurred after five minutes, the side who had pulled their opponents the furthest triumphed.

London 1908 saw the sport at its most intense, when America were beaten in just a few short seconds by Great Britain.

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