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Most intimidating goalie masks

Kelly Hrudey's mask for the Los Angeles Kings was really bad, but then again, the black, gray and white color design of the old Los Angeles Kings' uniform really didn't give him much to work with. Doug Favell's old-time mask for the Toronto Maple Leafs was pretty bad, even if mask designs were not as advanced back when he played.

My only other stipulation was that the mask not focus 100% on Ozzy.The side-splitting (albeit salty, so be careful looking him up) stand-up comedian Lewis Black does not need to tell any professional hockey goalies that, whereas children are confined to Halloween, they are free to dress up in an alternative persona any time they please.After all, this is occupational for NHL netminders, not occasional.Some goalies take the task of making a unique mask more seriously than others, and those who do really open themselves up to having more fans.Sadly, some goalies either don't care what their mask looks like or they are just bad at creating cool ones, so let's look at 20 of the worst goalie masks ever.If you don't have the right gear, it can be too overwhelming, painful, difficult, and dangerous.

When I think about professional sports and which player and/or position seems to be the most intimidating, I always conclude that hands down, ice hockey goalies are the most intimidating players.

In my last article I talked about all the gear that you are going to need to get started in goal.

In the next series of articles I want to cover each area, and give you insights on not only how to make an informed purchase, but also how to make sure you are getting something that is going to protect you, and also something that fits right. If you know nothing about masks, chances are the only thing you are going to get experience with is the stock masks that your local hockey store has.

We carry the best selection of hockey goalie blockers in North America precisely because we want everyone to be able to enjoy what we believe is the greatest sport there is.

If you're just starting out, goalie is by far the most intimidating position to take on.

Again I cannot stress this enough, DON’T SKIMP ON YOUR MASK PURCHASE.