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Mischa barton dating ben mckenzie

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” (JJ Note: I didn’t laugh, so Ben told me I have no sense of humor! ” JJ: Does your character have any love connections yet? I’m not a huge gun guy, but carrying around a real Glock, even though it’s obviously unloaded, it’s pretty cool! There’s actually a reference to it in the pilot where I don’t react to something and he says, “What are you, Canadian?

The show wrapped up on a high note, having been given a new lease of life in its fourth season by the death of tragic girl-next-door Marissa Cooper (Mischa Barton), and the impact her absence had on the rest of the Newport Beach gang. The show's meteoric overnight success, combined with very young stars and scarcely-older showrunners—co-creator Josh Schwartz was about to turn 27 when the show premiered—was a surefire recipe for some backstage drama.Mischa Barton seems to regret spending time in the O. Prior to joining the Fox teen soap in 2003, Barton had racked up a few film credits, including small but memorable roles in "Notting Hill" and "The Sixth Sense." In the interview, the star suggests that playing spoiled rich girl Marissa Cooper derailed what could have been a solid film career. C." if she knew how her life and career would have been affected by the show. Mc Kenzie is a catch, but he hasn't always had it easy.When he was living in New York many years ago, he had bunk beds—a deal breaker for most women.But that one was big on the list of, like, heart-wrenching stories. Thankfully for Barton, this interview was published in a pre-social media age, when outrage didn't spread so easily and offensive off-the-cuff remarks didn't stick to celebrities in the same way they do now. The latter led to the addition of tormented surfer Johnny (Ryan Donowho), a mind-bogglingly terrible character who inexplicably took over the show for much of season three.

Schwartz has since been open about both mistakes: "We were just told we had to add an adult female character, it went nowhere, and we had no plan for it, and it just didn't fit the show.

Marissa's relationship with Volchok was a major story line and in fact led to her death in season three—but when Barton's name was mentioned in the In general, the memories he does have aren't fond ones. But the things that I remember now—none of them are good," he admitted of the drama, which also costarred Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody. They were young." PHOTOS: Rachel Bilson's best style moments Gigandet clarified, though, that he generally doesn't keep in touch with former costars.

"I don't talk to anyone I've ever worked with," he said.

' In the network's defense, the character of Seth may have been a little bit more annoying than he ended up being ultimately, but it was a bit harsh." The OC Was Just as Dramatic Behind the Scenes -" data-pin-url=" data-pin-media=" data-img320=" data-img320-w = "480" data-img320-h = "348" data-cut=320 data-zoom=" src="//" data-src=" alt="Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson" data-img480=" data-img480-w = "640" data-img480-h = "463" data-img640=" data-img640-w = "640" data-img640-h = "463" data-img768=" data-img768-w = "768" data-img768-h = "556" data-img980=" data-img980-w = "640" data-img980-h = "463" data-img1024=" data-img1024-w = "768" data-img1024-h = "556" nopin="nopin" /When I ask what kind of fan mail she receives, Barton says, "It's fascinating the stories you'll get." For example?

In a weary, singsong voice, she says, "Like, 'I was in the war and my leg got cut off and I'm in the hospital.

I think he's a great actor and I love ." (Mc Kenzie's TNT show was canceled in May 2013.) PHOTOS: Celebrity feuds — the biggest ever The heartthrob also threw some shade at Barton, 28, who played a love interest for his character, Kevin Volchok. They were just—they would not remember their lines on purpose.