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” and genuinely wants to know the answer; date nights that aren’t virtual; a partner to snuggle on the couch with and watch a movie after a long day; and the million other small things that people who see their significant other whenever they want take for granted.

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But don’t panic if you have never used a sex toy before, or you have never used sex toys in a long-distance relationship. With so many great long-distance sex toys to choose from, you’ll find your match made in long-distance heaven.Lowering the threshold of communication eliminates productivity-costing energy expenditures like “standing up and walking over to someone.” Problems can be dealt with more efficiently, questions can be answered more quickly, and gossip can flow much more freely than ever Which might be fine, if all that gossip wasn’t being archived in a searchable database.Raking in the cash and inspiring kids and women alike, Wonder Woman is a smash hit.BUT I will tell you that it is the closest you’re going to get, and it will definitely add a little spice to your sex life.Long-distance relationship or not, who doesn’t want to mix things up in the bedroom?It wasn’t, necessarily, the strangest experience — except that it was occurring in a taped deposition that was being played in court, in the midst of a lawsuit that was being livestreamed on the internet to viewers across the world.

My chat joke — and my co-worker John Cook’s noble attempt to explain it to a lawyer — are now a matter of publicrecord.

Gawker Media, the company where I used to work, is being sued by the wrestler Terry Bollea (better known as Hulk Hogan) over a 2012 story in which Gawker published a short excerpt from a video showing Bollea having sex with Heather Clem, the wife of Bollea’s friend Bubba the Love Sponge Clem.

(If it isn’t obvious, the trial is taking place in Florida.) I worked at Gawker in 2012, but wasn’t involved in creating the story, so I’m not named in the lawsuit, nor was I deposed as a witness.

We recently headed to the Walford set where we had a chance to catch up with actor Jake Wood, who filled us in on just how far Max is prepared to go, why he is still enjoying playing him as a lone wolf and why he is enjoying the new direction that the soap is taking under boss Sean O’Connor.

There are a lot of things that go into making a long-distance relationship work, but besides the big ones—communication, honesty, trust—there is a particularly exciting factor that I don’t think enough LDR couples know about. Well, teledildonics is the combination of technology and sexuality. What makes them special (and particularly important to LDR couples) is that many of them aim to overcome the problems physical distance creates in intimacy. Of course, it would be totally disingenuous to say that using these toys is as good as the real thing.

My husband hadn’t prior to experimenting with the Max.