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In an interview with The Independent, she said: ‘It empowers you in a way, because you feel you’re doing something that you feel very rarely in acting – that you’re part of something really important that might have an effect on people.’ Audiences so far have yet to feel that way as the true story, which is being told across three hour-long episodes this week, has taken us further and further in to the horrifying truth of how these girls were treated for so many years, however as the story concludes on Thursday, let’s hope we all learn from these performances, and this story.

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Speaking to the New York Times, a Trump team colleague described Miller as “fiercely loyal” to the president, “a true believer in every sense of the word.” Though he joined the campaign in its early days, penning many of the apocalyptic speeches that won fear-drunk Republican hearts and minds, Miller recently got a lot more visibility after a string of television appearances in defense of the Muslim ban.Riley, better known to audiences as Emmerdale’s comedian Mandy Dingle, was unrecognisable as Lorna Bowen, one of the mother’s of two girls who were groomed, and her heartbreaking performance as a woman who loved her children and yet who was treated by the police as someone who would refuse to cooperate puts her up there as one of the country’s finest thespians.The Bowen’s at one point were described by one police officer as ‘that family,’ before Sharp’s DC Oliver hit back and reminded him that that attitude is why these girls and their families were not believed the first time.’s Sex Diaries series asks anonymous city dwellers to record a week in their sex lives — with comic, tragic, often sexy, and always revealing results.This week, a 27-year-old copywriter dating on Bumble: female, 27, UES, single, straight.As Sara Rowbotham, the sexual health worker who worked for years to bring a case for the victims and later provided important evidence in the trial of the nine men involved, Peake’s performance in episode one was the bright spot in a 60-minute episode that was often unbearable to watch as it told the true story of how young, mostly white, girls had been groomed, abused and trafficked by gangs of men, who were mostly Pakistani in origin, who would offer them drugs, drink and gifts, then rape them and offer them up for prostitution.

It has been thought that there was little sympathy or interest in helping the victims because they came from council estates and poor backgrounds, and shockingly, a culture of victim blaming and – according to some – a desire not to appear racist led to police and social services unwilling to take the rumours of this exploitation seriously.

According to those who know Miller’s history, that’s not so far off the mark.

Dating back to junior high school, Miller has been the unwavering right-winger now before us.

A source told the Enquirer that Boyd is considered a 'flirt' among Dufner's colleagues on the PGA tour and, even though her ex-husband didn't seen Woods as a close pal, he considered him a 'trusted colleague'.

Maxine Peake, Lisa Riley and Lesley Sharp have proven they are three of Britain’s most powerful actors thanks to their incredible performances in the harrowing and at times nearly unwatchable BBC drama Three Girls.

At each stop, Miller showed a flair for the dramatic: he lied, he dodged, he put on his best tyrant’s voice and proclaimed the executive branch above the law.