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Kingone dating

All the clips taht were posted are no availible anymore -.- It so hard to find of them together! ...i might JOIN this ship soon....sixth sense is telling me something....i saw something something in their actions as well as in their eyes....hmmmmmmmmmm! .....i mean for some reason there is not much SKINSHIP with MIKE and RAINIE that would let me think they are more than friends....more on their on the recent one RAINIE did on her message to JOE's bday...said JOE is soooooo SECRETIVE..more secretive than MIKE....seems to me if i think about it....Rainie's latest album Longing For also recently topped the music charts.

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After broadcasting, the drama became an audience favorite, with high ratings.But thanks to Xiao Ju's sympathy and joy, the prince's heart melts.All Xiao Ju wants is to earn money to send to her family, but the problems always remain since her late fiancé's nephew starts falling for her.Previously, it was rumoured that Taiwanese actor Joseph Chang -- actress Rainie's co-star in While We Were Drunk -- is currently courting her and even broke up with his long-time girlfriend in hopes of winning her heart successfully.However, a Taiwanese tabloid reported that Rainie's heart already belongs to fellow actor Kingone Wang. I hope this topic would be crowded ^^ I really love this couple, ever since I watch DBY hehehehe... I'm new here in this thread and i like this love team ever since why why love days ,,, they have the great combination i'm a huge fan of them..the way, i'm from philippines and hope i can meet new friends here and know more about raine and kingone... *sigh* I just wish King One would play Rainie's leading man one day!

RAINIE and MIKE are just indeed friends....not likely to go more than that....

Typical ice cold angry hurt inside male lead is the company boss who falls for the naive girl.

"I don't think that there's such thing as me "leaving" or "returning" back to showbiz.

She's getting married, so she decides to leave her people and travel to the city.

But when she arrives to the house of her fiancé, she gets a big surprise that her future husband is dead.

Congratulations to Julia whose research, on the Architecture of Rapid Change and Scarce Resource, joins a worldwide collection of recognisable & not so recognisable names nominated by experts and practioners to compile the' Future 50'.