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Is vicki from rhoc still dating brooks

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It's her first big interview since my four-hour interrogation of Brooks last fall.

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"I can only speculate but I do think they're still talking," Judge, 48, told show host Andy Cohen. The Real Housewives of Orange County’s Brooks Ayers opened up in a recent interview about his current relationship with ex Vicki Gunvalson and revealed why the two barely speak anymore.“I’ve moved on and am very happy,” Ayers told Real on Tuesday, June 29. I have no desire to be involved with her or her family. “All of the claims against me have been dropped yet my counterclaims against the plaintiff still remain.” As previously reported, Ayers and Gunvalson, 54, attempted to launch a vodka line together three years ago. Once and for all, we are done as a couple.” While the once-in-love pair still do communicate every now and then, Ayers told the site that their exchanges are simply business related, not romantic or even friendly.“I’m only talking to Vicki because of the Vodka lawsuit from 2013,” the Mississippi native explained.Their joint entrepreneurial endeavor went defunct after the duo’s former business partner Robert Williamson III fired off a slew of lawsuits and allegations.He sued Ayers and Gunvalson for breach of contract and fraud, among other things.“Unfortunately, Vicki is still having to deal with claims for and against her,” he added. It’s all business between us now.” Despite Ayers' insistence that he and Gunvalson will never get back together, RHOC starlet Tamra Judge seems to think otherwise.“Anybody I've been with, I will always love,” Vicki admits. So, that was an indication that I was really in love with this man …

“I always will care for and love Brooks, regardless of what he did and why he did it, I will never know … I will always care for him until I die.” “I felt up against an army that were not willing to move past this relationship with Brooks,” the 54-year-old shares.

I know I didn't lie for him, and I know there's a lot of questions I'll never get answered, but I love him.”“I think my breakup with Brooks was much harder than both my marriages,” she adds.

The two are taking things slow, and Vicki says she’s excited to see where things go.

He later admitted that he fabricated medical documents, a revelation that caused Gunvalson to call it quits. On Tuesday, Ayers told Real that he would never entertain the thought of reigniting his romance with Gunvalson: “Not a chance!

I’ve removed all drama in my life since I last saw her in August 2015.” For her part, Gunvalson is focused on her new beau, Steve Lodge.

It was a lot of fun.” “Don, I would actually consider it,” she confesses.