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Invalidating session in php

invalidating session in php-60

is been set to 180 seconds and I want it like that only.But the problem is on some special occasion for some user's browser session need to be invalidated immediately right after a form submit. After you click on Back button, try adding a random number to your URL like rand=234234 & refresh.

invalidating session in php-71

As çağdaş commented on this answer, performance would probably be better if you store a list of users you want to log out in your application-variable.after performing logout operation the page is forwarded to login page,then i press back button of the browser and it shows the dashboard or last page from where i perform the logout help or should post another question for it [email protected]: Those headers needs to be set on responses for which you'd like to turn off the browser cache.But as a press back button my previous page is displayed with "null" as my username. I want, when I press back button and as my session got ended simply my login page would be displayed. Dear raephel, You haven't mentioned that you are using Browser's back button Or your application having some back button. Right now let's assume that you are pressing your application's back button not browser's back button.You can check your session related Objects in head tag of your jsp like this m sorry that I'd not told u about BACK button, actually m using my browser's back button.Hi all, I'm facing problem while with invalidating session. I've a code through which I can invalidated the session that I'd created, by pressing logout link provided.

Actually I want to redirect a user to the login page if the session is invalid either he presses back button or enters a url. The code for session invalidation is as under : Http Session ses = Session(); ses.invalidate(); after calling this servlet code my session gets ended and m redirected to login page.

You can not change a session variable from another session.

Is there a way I can access/modify session variables set by each logged in user from my administration page?

C i am using above solution in My Logout Action class while users performs log out, i tested this in Mozill Firefox 17.0.1 .

I write all the above headers and then invalidate the session.

If it does not redirect to login page (if u have the authentication setup) then your session in validation would not have happened.