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Good things about dating ugly guys

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Getting swamped with messages drives users, especially women, away.So we have to analyze and redirect this tendency, lest Ok Cupid become

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”, while it sounds silly for many as we’ve often been told that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, has been talked about countless times within Asia’s cultural sphere.Looks may get your attention initially, but in a loving relationship, it soon fades and is replaced by love, caring and respect,” assures Tessina.A number of perplexed Chinese have long been wondering why Westerners tend to always date the less attractive Chinese women.Denise: Yes, he was sooo unattractive, dressed nice though. I think it turned me on too bcuz he was a basketball referee and a smart man overall. Fair warning: we're about to objectify women, big-time.If going for someone you’re physically attracted to can lead to a dead end, is going for someone you’re not physically attracted to a good idea?

Tessina shares that there are many more meaningful components of relationships than physical attraction.“Relationships require character, emotional maturity and partnership, to which looks don't contribute at all.

“When finding their (ideal marriage) partner, many foreigners aren’t like we Chinese in being so fixated on things like appearances, money, or power.

Instead, they are looking for something compatible with (the other person’s) inner quality.

It’s like the universe is ensuring that there’s always someone “beautiful” for each “beholder”, no matter how other people think.

—–Web domain hucksters Go is undoubtedly more famous for their use of bold-faced sexual titillation during the Super Bowl more than any of their actual internet-related services.

Can you imagine a consumer brand, or even a major media company, offering us the opposite scenario than the one in this commercial?