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Fred savage and danica mckellar dating

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"After the second date, I told my best friend, 'If he asked me to marry him, I'd say yes,'" Mc Kellar recalled."And I am not an impulsive person." The couple got engaged in July 2014 and wed in November of that same year, exchanging vows in a beachfront ceremony in Kauai, Hawaii, in front of 25 family members and close friends.

WATCH: Fred Savage on 'Wonder Years' Famous First Kiss Contrary to her character, in real life, Mc Kellar eagerly dove into her relationship with her attorney husband, Scott Sveslosky.Fred Savage‘s Kevin Arnold got by with a little help from his friends on “The Wonder Years.” Now that the full run is coming out in a box set, Savage recalled the filming experience with them in new extra features.In the first clip below from the upcoming DVD extras, Josh Saviano — the actor behind Kevin’s best friend Paul Pfeiffer — interviewed “Wonder Years” leads Savage and Danica Mc Kellar, who played Winnie Cooper, Kevin’s main love interest.In a second clip, also exclusive to The Wrap, Jason Hervey remembered going on what he thought was “just another audition.” “They didn’t tell us that it was taking place in the ’60s,” Hervey said. There was a bunch of signature devices in the show that they did not disclose to us.So I just went out there and read it straight.” He thought he bombed the audition.Meanwhile, Norma tries her hand at pottery, Paul celebrates his Bar Mitzvah, and Karen’s rebelliousness leads to an aborted trip to San Francisco.

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"If it were up to me, I would love to do that for you, but Fred Savage has said that he will never do that," the 41-year-old actress told ET the 41-year-old actress told ET during a sit down at Sweet Lady Jane Bakery in Santa Monica, California.

"The chances are zero is what he said." PICS: Favorite TV, Movie and Music Reunions In fact, Savage repeated those sentiments to ET at Fox's upfront presentation earlier this year. None," he said plainly when asked if there could be a .

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The trio distinguished boundaries between Kevin’s in- and out-of-school girlfriends.