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Miss Belle wastes no time in stripping him, tying him to a student's chair and showing him just who is in charge here! his ball gag is only removed from his mouth so he may worship Miss Belle's pussy and ass.his balls are separated with twine and weights are hung from his manhood.

Many child brides are not physically ready to be mothers.Sweat trickles down the face of a girl talking to me.She is dressed, like all of her friends, as a carbon copy of Rihanna – scanty shorts, high-top trainers, designer sunglasses, enormous gold earrings. She leads what she describes as a “crew” (I agree to keep its moniker a secret).Miss Belle demands a hard cock and uses this tied down slut for her pleasure.With a big black cock in his ass she takes pity on the bitch boy and milks the cum out of his cock before leaving him for the students to find, bound naked and with a gaping asshole.She and her “crew” avoid the term “gang” because they dislike its negative associations with criminality, although this “crew” sometimes commits crimes (“Mostly robbery and dealing”). Sometimes, you suspect, you get exaggeration or lies.

Having spent several weeks investigating the little understood world of female gang culture, one thing I know for sure – this is an arena where any label is dangerously simplistic. Sometimes you get personal anecdotes told with curled lips and glittery eyes and sometimes it’s somebody’s “friend”.

It also says a lot about how the girls view each other. ” I ask.“Presents,” says another girl, sporting so much red lipstick it makes her look like she has been punched.“Presents,” she emphasises, noisily chewing the hell out of some gum.“So what’s better? ” There is a loud debate over the relative merits of the accolades. Either term is pretty unflattering: you are considered, in the estimation of this lot, unworthy of little else but being passed around the men as a kind of cheap sexual currency. ” I ask.“A sket will probably have more STDs,” shrieks another elaborately dressed girl. They’ve been happy enough to discuss guns (“handled ’nuff guns”), drugs (“sometimes we take them, but we mostly deal them.

As one academic told me “girls in gangs very rarely operate on the politics of a sisterhood”. The general consensus is that either one is pretty great.“So what about skets and hood rats? “A hood rat will probably have more kids.”I ask the questions to this (comparatively) tame bunch carefully. Junkie girls are always skets”) and stealing (“I was 11 during the London riots, but yeah I was there and I held some stuff”). “Do you think you might end up in a more serious gang, committing more serious crimes? ”Whether you think these girls sound like a bunch of kids play-acting a role they will probably grow out of, or an actual menace to society, the government takes them and those like them very seriously, particularly since the London riots of 2011.

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