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Error updating sims 2 university

The Pets Bodyshop Patch can be obtained from this page.

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Thanks so it's a basic sims 2 which is fine and the add on packs i have been trying with it are sims 2 pets, night life, open for business and sims university. It doesnt matter what order I install them either, I saw that somewhere that they should be installed in a specific order but I tried and its still the same issue.thanks for gettting back to me!All patches were formerly available on the official Sims 2 site.Since EA has taken the site down, they are now available at Game Help: TS2 Patches.This will copy everything from The Sims 2 CD 1 into the disk1 folder. Once it’s copied we repeat this until all the CD’s are on your hard drive.I have 4 CD’s in my box to copy over and it should look like this.Highlight all the files (either by dragging your mouse over all of them, or ctrl a) and copy them.4.

Open the other window that had our disk1 folder in it and click into the disk1 folder and paste.

The files used to actually install the game need to be copied onto your C Drive. To start with open your C Drive and create a new folder called Disk Images.2.

Inside the newly created Disk Images folder create a new folder and call it disk1. Now pop your The Sims 2 CD 1 into the drive and open a second window to explore it.

I got the game installed and then installed the official patch fromthe EA site.

Tried running the game and it kept locking up my PCafter reaching the point where the EA logo flashes on the screen &says "challenge everything".

Hello all, I apologise if this is something that has already been posted however I have been searching on and off for a few months now for a solution. I have been googling this but not seemed to actually find a solution for my computer that works.