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“I was walking on the kerbside carrying my wife’s handbag and she was holding my left hand.

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Ian Boswell, 42, and Karen Lane, 52, were walking down Parrock Road towards South Hill Road in Gravesend at around 11pm when it happened, with hundreds of pounds of valuables and almost £500 of cash stolen.If you doubt my assessment, just read the article written in “Lots of times you see a guy, he could be normal sized or he could be overweight himself, with a woman that is a bit overweight.When that happens a bunch of things go through a guy’s mind.She may give you some excuses to refuse to hang out with you.Maybe that is not the kind of woman that you imagine hanging out with.Edd Withers, the chairman of Pride’s organising committee, said: “We have been speaking to both local police and counter-terrorism specialists about security and visitors will notice the increased measures and police presence.

“For the first time at a Canterbury Pride, the Dane John Gardens perimeter will also be fenced off with only access via the main Watling Street entrance, where everyone coming in will have their bags searched.

Police are investigating and two people are believed to have been riding the vehicle, but the couple do not hold out much hope of the handbag being recovered.

Mr Boswell said: “I was walking home with my wife Karen.

and kept waiting to read that it was a joke; a satirical piece written about society’s treatment of overweight women. It was just one douchey guy’s opinion about men who date women who are not “hot” and rocking the unattainable, bullshit body stereotype that media would have you believe is real. Even the skitches you see with those bodies in magazine spreads, don’t have those body types. There may be 1% of 18 –year-olds who are rocking that body without medical assistance.

As a rule, women have been fighting men’s traditional stereotype of “hot” since the dawn of time.

“Armed officers are already a familiar sight in Canterbury and although they are not being specifically deployed for us, they may well also be present at some stage.