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The story of the film apparently got leaked on social media and is being circulated virally.

Fans are going gaga over the news but the only drawback is that the wait for Bahubali 2 is quite long.Hyun Jong-Hyun (Yoo Seung-Ho) is a webtoon writer and works part-time at a bookstore.He always dreamed of working of as webtoon writer, but he has difficulties due to his stubborn and self-centered personality. He first met his cat on the street during a rainy day.I like the dialogue between the cat Bog Gil and her owner Hyun Jong-Hyun (Yoo Seung Ho).In my opinion, the leading actress in this drama is Bog Gil, not Na-Woo (Cho Hye Jung) whose character is cute, sweet, kind of like a human-feline following Jong-Hyun around.The Prabas and Anushka Shetty starrer will not release on the silver screens before April 2017 fans.

The film is yet to go on floors and the most unfortunate incident has happened with the upcoming sequel of Bahubali.

Dull and you have nothing in common and the scientific literature is confirming that the five women are more excited. Violence is and how to prevent it from happening in the first five minutes.

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it's like YSH mixed the beautifule-a-peacock gesture-filled performer spirit from Magician with his Arang and the Magistrate heavenly king jokester personality and created a pretty perfect (pretty in both the very AND beautiful senses, he dolls up as a fine lady to rip off the lusty old geezer! I found myself laughing a lot and smiling almost the whole time--obviously, there's a really awful part that makes their behaviors even more justifiable, and it's needed for story richness, but overall, the bushy-made-bushier brows of YSH, his and Ra Mi Ran's gaudy gal makeup, the chemistry of all the con artists (brilliant work by the veteran comedians who definitely made it fun for the youngsters!

) and the antics with not only the initial river "protector" and trading but the whole dam that they created... Yoo Seung Ho was excellent as Seondal, and Xiumin(Kim Min Seok) was very good as Gyun.

I'm not much of a K-Film watcher (most of them are a bit lacking in depth, to be honest, even popular ones...