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Through the advent of innovations by the Arkady Novikov group, the gift certificate program provides you with a brilliant solution.The “Gift Certificate Group” by Arkady Novikov gives the right to visit any of the restaurants of Arkady Novikov.

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In particular, actual results and developments may be materially different from any opinion, expectation or other forward-looking or outlook statement contained on this website.Those who wish to present an Exclusive gift can purchase a “Gift Certificate” in exclusive limited edition of 30, 000 and above.It provides for an unlimited number of visits to restaurants of Arkady Novikov, within one year from the purchase date of the certificate and within the sum specified therein.The “Gift Certificate Group” of Arkady Novikov - is a versatile and most importantly, original gift for any occasion.You can buy gift certificates at any restaurant-party in the program.1.BTC group JSC is a leading Russian company in the sphere of design and production of uniform and special clothing.

Personal production base fitted with up-to-date equipment and innovative technologies embedded in all the production and design areas enables the company to execute large-scale orders highly qualified and in due time.

When the company was founded, three main directions were singled out: industrial vacuum, scientific vacuum and microelectronics.

And such division exactly allows concentrating and occupying the leading position in each of three segments.

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The company “Intech Analytics” is a complete leader in the vacuum market of Russia.

Significant investments were made to the company upgrading, e.g.