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There is also mention on one of the declarations that a tenant prior to 1994 had also used the land to access the rear of our garden for the use of parking a vehicle.We were advised by our Solicitor to take out indemnity insurance prior to building the car port to protect access.

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1940 Bantam Pilot Using the term that has become generic in the English language, this is the undisputed first "jeep." Built by the American Bantam Car Company of Butler, Pennsylvania, it was delivered to Camp Holabird, Maryland, on September 23, 1940.I have paid and am pretty p#ssed if it turns out to be a scam.What I want to know is if there are any employers out there who will attest to using the site? I've also noticed they have Emirates Group Vacancies on their Website.That's the number one rule in recruting Finally, why would a company tha has its office in Dubai, collect its dues in Canada?!The title deeds don't say who owns the wall and I haven't spoken to her yet as I wanted to be confident of my rights.

As the wall on the other side of my garden that forms the boundary with my other neighbour (it's a row of terraces) is in perfect repair but has never had the plant life growing up it can I prove it is her responsibility or lack of forethought that has allowed this to happen? Furthermore, as the wall will need to be re-built which will be costly, do I have any rights in making sure she pays her share in a timely manner?

My wife and I have built a carport to rear of our house.

To access the carport we are required to drive across private land (a small track that leads to some flats).

If you have doubts please type in google and search. Congrats to ITP for having their bit of research done on this subject.

I have personally met atleast 8 people in the past 3 months, who've had a bad experience with and absolutely no refund. Emirates has its own recruitment website and why should one pay to regsiter for Jobs in Emirates Group. I found this forum through a google search and no point for guessing that my text on the search field was "jobsindubai fraud".

I am waiting to hear back on the buildings insurance as to whether its claimable or not but want to be informed before I talk to the neighbour so that I know what to say. Would I be liable as it's going to fall in to my garden due to the way it's bowing?