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All new shooters must demonstrate the ability to safely engage a course of fire before they compete.

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The majority of the Outlaws would be happy to let you try their equipment!The goal is by the end of the day you will have shot off your horse! There will be plenty of guns and holsters for you to use at the clinic. We do not recomend purchasing your six shooters and rigs (holsters) just yet.There are many different models of guns and styles of rigs.Most revolvers contain five or six rounds in the cylinder.Though the original name was revolving gun, the short-hand "revolver" is universally used.Your experience begins by entering your costume in the Traditional Cowboy Action favor.

Site Reservation, Friday Nights Western Entertainment and Campfire Program, Award Recognitions for best outfit and Alias Story, Ammunition, Use of Firearms, Youth Firearms Training and the best Venturing Western Timed Event Shoot experience. To be in compliance with the Great Salt Lake Council Shooting Sport Standards each youth must have Basic training in Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun & Blackpowder handling procedures and safety training before coming to the event.

(covers ammunition charge) Dress up in a Cowboy outfit (optional) Costumes are required if you have them, if not come in your venturing outfit. Cowboy Action Shoot at "Big Salty" - Lee Kay Center will be old fashioned tent sites. Pre-Event Sales - Cost: $15.00 SHERIFFS BADGES ARE PART OF THE ONLINE REGISTRATION AND ARE ORDERED UNDER PRODUCTS. Be the first to wear your Cowboy Action Shoot Sheriff's Badge and start your tradition in attending the most exciting action packed, leather slappin' old west adventure in the west. For further information contact: Great Salt Lake Council email:[email protected] Venturing-Cowboy Action Shoot is a proud to sponsor this 2-3/4 inch by 2-3/4 inch shiney copper 6 star silver 6 shooter pistol inlaid Cowboy Action Sheriffs's Badge.

(We ordered 100 for the shoot-there are only 75 available.) Click Here --- Cowboy Action Shoot Sherif's Badge Flyer (pdf format) The Cowboy Action Shoot Event Committee fells that these should be available to youth as well as adults. This sheriff's badge is available to all Youth and Adults of Scouting.

(Cannon using this mechanism are known as revolver cannon.) Nearly all early revolvers and many modern ones have six chambers in the cylinder, giving rise to the slang term six-shooter; however, revolvers with a number of different chambers have been made, with most modern revolvers having 5 or 6 chambers.

The revolver allows the user to fire multiple rounds without reloading.

Staff Fees Course #2, NYLT Youth Training NYLT #2 ages 13-18 coed, Envision - Wood Badge #3, NYLT #2 Family Camp, Envision - Wood Badge #3, NYLT #2 Wood Badge Course #3, Envision - Wood Badge #3, NYLT #2 For all Venturing Scouts and Leaders (Everyone Shoots) The Venturing – Cowboy Action Shoot is the premier Great Salt Lake Council shooting sports event of the year, in which youth and adult participants shoot using the Single Action Shooters Society (SASS) model.