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Dating buttons chronology book warren tice

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From light paper ephemera such as land surveys and playing cards to heavy garden stones and Conestoga wagon components, they are pictured and explained.This book is ideal for all of us with a passion for history and a curiosity about historic objects! This is a thoroughly researched and documented study of the Bowie Knife, from when it first made its appearance in the course of a brawl on a Mississippi River sandbar near Natchez, Mississippi in 1827 on through the Mexican War, the California Gold Rush, the American Civil War and beyond!

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Except for the "Other Back Types" section on page 3, all the examples are based on the Blue Book including relevant invoked references (1995 National Button Bulletin, 1967 Classification of Black Glass Buttons, 2003 Pearl and Shell Buttons Classification, 2002 Classification of Clear and Colored Glass Buttons, 2005 Celluloid Buttons, and the NBS Synthetic Polymers Handbook (undated).519 pages 8-1/2" X 11" full of pictures and descriptions of buttons!This book has become one of the "must haves" as it contains many buttons not covered in Albert's, and also lists every known backmark for each button.Various medals must be cleaned different ways, and this work covers them. This work contains all new information; there is no duplication from the first book. This large 198 page classic details and pictures the various swords, bayonets, pikes and lances used by the Confederates. There is information on drainage, flood plain development, topographical data and hydrological data. RELICS OF THE COASTAL EMPIRE was done by the Coastal Empire History Hunters who have displayed artifacts for show, schools and living history programs for years.There are sections on treating coins, as well as several appendices on grading, dating, weights, etc. Completing forty years research, Volume Two more than doubles the information provided in the 400 pages of Volume One. There are a total of 124 drawings and two photographs. It is our desire to permantly document our research and preservation efforts in this book and share our love of history. Kochan Insignia of Independence is a heavily illustrated magnum opus that reconstructs the appearance of the armies of the American Revolution in painstaking detail.Company Information Ordering Display Cases Riker Cases Aluminum Cases Wooden Cases Flock Cases Bullet Cases Button Cases Acrylic Stands Wholesale Accoutrement Plates Artillery Related Corps Badges Pins and Insignia Bottles British Buttons CS State Dug Non Dug CS Regulation Dug Non Dug Union State Dug Non Dug Union Regulation Dug Non Dug School Buttons Misc. This set is a must for Civil War enthusiasts, collectors, and every major library.

Buttons Bullets Bullets Bullets in Wood Cartridges Carved Bullets Camp Items Canteens Cavalry Civil War Items (Misc.) Civil War Documents Coins & Tokens Colonial Period Collectibles Correspondence Fossils Gun Related Swords & Blades Jewelry Contemporary rings Leather Items United States Marine Corps Items Medical Items Military Collectibles Mourning Jewelry Native American Indian Indian Wars Novelty Items Paper Money Photos Railroad/Telegraph Reproduction Items Revolutionary Items Spanish American Tobacciana WWI Collectibles WWII Collectibles Writing Instruments Books Reference Books Published Articles Links by Alphaeus H. Albert's seminal work on military buttons was copyrighted and printed in 1969; Boyertown Publishing Company of Boyertown, Pennsylvania, There are signs of usage, as you might expect, but it is intact in good overall condition. This book is the essential reference work for American Militia of this period. The story of James Warner and the carbines he manufactured. $139.95 A study of the artifacts of coastal Georgia and the South Carolina Lowcountry.

It includes buttons all the way back to the American Revolution, and a section covering the complete period of Confederate manufacture, so as a Civil War button reference, this is great! Plates, buckles, buttons, corps badges, bottles, canteens, spurs, stirrups, ID tags, weapons..... The dust cover only has a few tears and small holes, and the book is in excellent condition! Plates, buckles, buttons, corps badges, bottles, canteens, spurs, stirrups, ID tags, weapons..... For years this was the go-to reference for every relic hunter. and southern state facilities, 55 of which produced bullets and cartridges during the war. In addition, the names of thousands of brave men, women and children who labored as cartridge makers for "the Cause" are honored within.

Used but in very good condition without dust cover. But included in these 1248 pages are over 1300 photos and illustrations, including 593 bullet and cartridge specimens, 88 cartridge package labels and crates, 176 arsenal buildings and city views, 94 maps showing arsenal locations, 90 bullet molds, 48 original documents, 31 portraits of ordnance personnel, 88 miscellaneous images of cannon, machinery, percussion caps, rifles and carbines, coins, patents, artillery projectiles and 118 southern bank notes from the cities and towns that hosted C. All 3 Volumes $ 150.00112 8-1/2" x 11" pages with over 280 crisp color photos of artifacts of early Amercan every-day life that were useful for surveying land, building log homes, farming the land, traveling, blacksmithing, cabinetmaking and more, more more!

Much more information has come to light; the Bannerman Papers has been especially helpful. The two leading authorities on 18th-century Anglo-American military material culture Don Troiani and James Kochan have produced a reference work that is bound to be hailed as an instant classic. Following decades of intense research, this is the final word on buttons, plates, and insignia of the American Revolution.

These volumes are the climax of a lifetime of research in the United States archives, and thousands of miles researching each arsenal and what they produced.

A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired.