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Datagrid not updating after databind silverlight

But I was having a problem, and it was with the Grid's UI.My changes and additions were not making their way into the UI display.

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Sample data in the designer allows you to immediately see your bindings working and to preview your UI without having to build and run.No matter how many times I invalidated the User Interface it just would not get displayed.And this was not just for Updates, but also for Inserts and Deletes. But, I wouldn't be here if I didn't have a solution. Invalidate UI command, as that's basically what I was trying to do: repaint the grid.You can easily get started data-binding the grid to any data source, format the data with a rich selection of cell types, and enable editing, sorting, filtering, and grouping within a few minutes.The seamless editing experience rivals that of Microsoft Excel itself.(If you're not familiar with data binding, I'd recommend reading the WPF or Silverlight Data Binding introduction on MSDN.) Visual Studio 2010 does an excellent job addressing these issues.

Drag-and-drop generation of your UI and bindings from your object model save you from having to type in all those property names again, and allow you to avoid those irritating and time-wasting typos that can lead to caffeine-fueled, late-night debugging sessions.

The Syncfusion data grid control for Silverlight is the most advanced data grid available in the market with unmatched performance and versatility.

Its advanced feature set is exposed through a powerful, yet easy-to-use API with countless customization options.

NET arena where I can force a data-rebinding by calling the Data Bind method of the object.

Oh well, I solved the problem, so I'm all sorts of happy.

Data binding is an integral part of any Silverlight or Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) application.