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Consumer protection laws and internet dating sites

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To save oneself trouble.” She may have been onto something when you think about businesses that are turning to outside vendors to research employees and job candidates for them.Whether or not these outside vendors are the best solution, however, remains to be seen.

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The ACCC has also received reports of some online dating services signing people up to long-term fixed contracts with onerous or restrictive cancellation clauses.Using common sense and some due diligence doesn't have to kill the romance, and you want roses, not rose-colored glasses anyway.Be aware of the risks and dangers of online dating, social and dating web site polices and practices, and the limits of the law.The ACCC will also be sweeping these sites to look at what measures they have in place to protect consumers against scammers, as part of its Scams Disruption Project.“Unfortunately the ACCC continues to hear the devastating impact of dating and romance scams, with over $16 million reported in financial losses and nearly 1700 complaints already this year,” Ms Rickard said.MEDIA EVENT: The media is invited to film ACCC staff conducting the sweep, with ACCC Deputy Chair Delia Rickard available for interview.

Monday 15 September, 11am - 12pm Level 35, 360 Elizabeth Street Melbourne ACCC Media: 1300 138 917 or 0408 995 408 “The ACCC is today sweeping the internet to ensure that dating sites are being true and fair in their dealings with customers, and provide protection from scammers,” ACCC Deputy Chair Delia Rickard said.

Below, we look at what you should consider when starting your online dating site and help you match your first couple in a manner that reflects best practice.

Under Australia’s consumer law, online dating websites are service providers and as such, they must meet their obligations under the (Cth).

Online dating is a good example of how the internet makes our world smaller or limitless, depending on your view.

People do business, make friends and find the loves of their lives online.

Agatha Christie had a novel take on invention being the mother of necessity.