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Consolidating library external hard drive

The only thing that should be different after the move is the location.

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A quick look at the folder sizes inside my Mac Book hard drive shows that the i Tunes folder occupies a large area on that near-full storage space.That’s where i Tunes’ library consolidation feature comes to the rescue."My i Tunes library has been filling up fast with movies and TV shows, and as a result it's taking up more and more space on the small hard drive in my computer.To locate the i Tunes folder on your Mac, choose Go → Home → Music → i Tunes in the Finder menu.To locate the i Tunes folder on Windows, go here: Should you elect to have your i Tunes Media folder organized, i Tunes will place song files into album and artist folders.Is there any way to store those i Tunes files to my External Hard Disk ?

" Transferring your i Tunes library to external hard drive is a good idea to free up space on your hard drive, or to protect your library in case of data loss.

To regain some room to breathe, I decided to move my collections to an external drive.

If the problem is only moving everything inside the i Tunes folder to the external drive, a simple cut and paste would solve it. Nobody wants to re-fill hundreds (or thousands) of song information, re-assign all the ratings, re-paste all lyrics and re-hunt for the cover art.

Once the copy is completed, hold the Option key on your keyboard and open i Tunes from the Dock or Applications folder again.

Storage space is one of the biggest problems for laptop users.

But you should make sure your external hard drive has enough space for storing your entire library and keep your files organized with ratings, playcounts, and other metadata.