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Computer detective driver support updating

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Drivers are pieces of software that control the different devices in your Windows computer.They help the computer talk to everything, including your video card, printer and the intricate components of the motherboard.

Traditionally, locating the right driver for a PC, server, or peripheral has required that you know the specifics of your device’s manufacturer, model number, your OS version, the date of your current or placeholder driver.If an application is working as it should, it is usually best not to update it's drivers unless the manufacturer has made the update specifically available to you.In other words "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."Also, I have found that DD as with many vendors, it can take a bit of time to properly indentify the cause of a problem and offer or create a workable solution.We may never find such a tool that will always scan and direct perfectly every time, as drivers and applications usually update faster than such vendors can keep up.As with malware, no one can develop a fix until the problem is identified and understood.It can also find the updates your system needs and install them, from a large database, albeit manually.

However, it doesn't let you delete unused drivers and could have more operating system compatibility, and it doesn't find many drivers compared to other programs.

And almost invaribly, no one product or service will catch everything all of the time.

DD does offer one very helpful piece of advice that applies in nearly all circumstances.

(3.8Mb) Driver Detective is built on the Microsoft .

NET 2.0 platform, so if you’re running Windows XP SP1 or SP2, the app will download the . If you’re running XP SP3, Windows Vista, or Windows 7, the framework is baked into Windows by default. In some instances, Driver Detective’s “Universal Match Intelligence” technology may be able to identify your PC’s brand and model number automatically reducing scan and compatibility check times.

This guide outlines how to use an automated driver ‘locate and install tool’ called Driver Detective to source the correct drivers for your device or PC scouring hardware vendor’s websites. If you’re looking for a free driver update try Device Doctor (portable USB version also available).