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Breuder, College President I feel very proud, and very excited, to welcome you to Fall 1984 at Ttie Willlamsport Area Community College. THIS IS THE PLACE - Chatting about a plaque to note the naming of the College's new dining facility are Steven D. Valerie Vandine, of Muncy RD 5; Gail Wagner, of Jersey Shore; Geraldine Wyble, of Lock Haven See Sights and Sounds of Williamsport! C.'S CROSS-COUNTRY TEAM Male or Female Experienced or Inexperienced This Tuesday (Tomorrow), Aug. in First Floor Classroom of The Gymnasium Students who have questions or time conflicts. Phil Landers Academic Center Office: Room 307 Extension: 227 t D SPOTUGHT a Fi RSt-DAy-OF SUMMER HIGHLIGHTS:: *| Dr. IL The La Rue Shempp Collection", published by Iron Horse Productions, of Pittsburgh. 24, 1984 Creative Kitchen to serve lunch Beginning next Monday, students involved in "Creative Kitchens" will serve lunch Monday through Friday, according to Mrs. ■ j „ u j "At the present time, prices have not been determined, she saia. Milan, faculty instructor, and Mrs Judith Patsche, quantity foods service instructor. Part-Time Employment Tips From Counselinj, Career Development and Placemen! Women's Forum meets Wednesday The Women's Forum, an organiza- tion for women students, faculty, and staff, will hold an organizational meeting at noon, Wednesday in Room A113, Lifelong Education Center. Working as a support, educational and special interest gruop, the organiza- tion acts as an information center for the personal and professional develop- ment of students, faculty, and staff, and helps members grow to use their talents and skills, according to the club's con- stitution. Ferrence said those who want to attend the meeting but have other committments may contact her in Room 156, Learning Resources Center, or telephone College Ext. Moving into hospital food programs, he directed the food service department at Stanford Hospital, and Lancaster Osteopathic. The Games had a lesson for all of us: that directed ef- forts and hard work do pay off. They are in the atrium section of the Susquehanna Room. Linda the State Board of Nurse Examiners, Falchek-Clark, coordinator of practical practical nursing students attended nursing. Emery Jr., director of who will also receive a stipend for counseling, career development, and overseeing the independent study pro- placement, gram. Looking for good reading, but shocked by new book prices? Still, he is a member of the planning committee for the Lycoming County Chamber of Commerce which organized the Susquehannock train excursion over the summer. "We'd cook for the political candidates who were being in- terviewed for the paper," Mihan said. D., a physician prominent in the study and treatment of arthritis in its many forms and related diseased, such as lupus, severe gout and musculorskeletal disorders. Two out of ten persons with ar- thritis have rheumatoid arthritis and three out of ten have related diseases. Shenberger, the most appropriate patients for the unit are those with chronic or long-term pro- blems. Mihan added that he spoke with Humphrey while he was vice-president. Five-0 in the most recent week of the College bowling league.

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If you want a total random sex experience use the Xroulette random room or spin the roulette wheel above.PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of James Marsden The season one finale of James‘ hit new HBO series aired a little over a week ago and fans are not going to get more episodes until 2018 unfortunately.Alan's contribution to the North American Steel Industry has been recognised by numerous awards including Frank B Mc Kune Award, Robert Woolston Hunt Award, Benjamin Richard Teare Award, Benjamin Fairless Award.Putting a maximum effort in- to all we do in life is rewarding - not typically in gold medals - but in the personal satisfaction of knowing we've done our very best. [SPOTLIGHT photo/ Friday deadline for adding classes; form required Any student wanting to drop or add a class to his or her schedule must fill out a change form. classes for a 12-month period which For the first time, students enrolled began in either August or March. Cunning spoke about the benefits of the community college system: "I think community colleges will continue to make higher education available to all people. Muzic named acting director With money received from House Bill 177, which increases funding for community colleges, Ms. Middleton, who has been director of the Integrated Studies Division, has been named dean of academic affairs, according to Mrs. Muzic, professor of English, who has been named acting director of the divi- sion. The program will award up to 100 Deadline for application is Oct. grants nationally to students under 21 to Watercolorist to open conduct their own research and writing Fall season at Brown Library projects in such fields as history, philosophy, and the study of literature. Mauch resigned to take he position Lambda (PBL) will begin tomorrow and of vice president of instruc Uon at end on Friday, Sept. dean of academic affairs in 1982 after having served as the chief administrator for the Center for Lifelong Education. Muzic will remain acting divi- „ j nj /- ur j Slusser Fraind of Berwick water- sion director "until a replacement can ^? Shempp explained that the Susquehannock was a passenger train in the 1950s and 1960s which ran from Wil Uamsport to Philadelphia on a four- hour excursion on a daily basis. Some of the nominees fed there were Hospital opening arthritis unit Donald R. The hospital approach will be multidisciplinary involving occupational therapy, physical therapy, recreational therapy, hydro and electrotherapy, vocational counseling, psychology and sports medicine, all components of the Harry R. "I'll never forget it," he recalled, "Humphrey walked right into the kitchen and shook my hand. The other teams in the league are still holding on as they too are still providing some tough competition for the lop teams. At The Willlamsport Area Community College - in everything we do - we intend to be the best. The forms are available at the Student Records Office, Room 108, Academic Center, according to information provided by the Student Records Office. in the nursing program will attend The size of each nursing class was classes for three regular semesters. Younger Scholars Program offers grants for research/writing projects Guidelines and application forms Students taking part in the pro- for the Younger Scholars Program of gram will receive a stipend of $1,800 the National Endowment for the and will be expected to work for nine Humanities now are available in th^In- weeks during the Summer of 1985. Cunning, associate dean of educational services will soon be taking a new job as vice president for in- structional services at Central Arizona College, Coolidge, Ariz. The community college represents the first time educa- tion has been within reach of the middle and middle-lower classes." "Four-year schools are formulated by the Cambridge system of England. Falchek-Clark said the nursing program obtained new "state of the art" equipment for a new nursing arts lab - including all electric beds with siderails. Recipients may not have received a bachelor's degree, or expect to receive one within two months of the comple tion of a Younger Scholars grant, accor Phi Beta Lambda membership drive begins tomorrow n u u J . The Fall art exhibit season at the Brookhaven College, Farmers Branch James V. T *' G^'ife''"- assistant professor colorist, with an opening tera from 2 to be found - hopefully by January," Dr. The Chamber of Commerce revived the excur- sion and will be sponsoring another like event in October. Shempp points out a part of his model (rain colleclion which now is on display at the Lycoming County Historical Society Museum, on West Fourth Street a few blocks away from Main Campus. One of the highlights of the col- lection is the No. Creamer, president and chief executive officer of the Williamsport Hospital, has announced the hospital will be opening an arthritis treatment unit in early 1985. He was a very sincere man." By that time, he was serving a sizable amount of people - anywhere from 90 to 3,800. We Three closing gap on leaders We Three have picked up some ground on W. Only two teams out of the field of eight are below the .500 mark in the league standings. He works and struggles very hard to attain happiness, very often without knowing exactly what happiness means because of his ignorance of the nature of life.

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Biggs was dead by the time they got to his house around p.m. Condolences poured into his My Space page, where the mostly unsmiling teen is seen posing in a series of pictures with various young women.

A woman who answered the phone at Biggs' home and identified herself as his sister said the family was still dealing with his death and declined immediate comment.

I'm sure all of us are still basking in the afterglow of those Olympic Games - alive, not only with the thrill of com- petition, but also with the intense desire of all the athletes to pursue and achieve their lifelong goals and ambitions. Heaton, nursery management student from Avis, who submitted the winning name for the facility ~ Susquehanna Room. [SPOTLIGHT pholoj Practical nursing program revised; new equipment added A few changes have been made in Prior to this change, which was approv- the College practical nursing program ed by the College Board of Trustees and this year, according to Ms. ^- ."^^''^^J^; coordinator of the in- ding to information furnished by the Community Room. Middleton said he found the dividualized learning center, or Thomas National Endowment for the The exhibit will remain on view change of his position an opportunity to ^-Leitzel, assistam director of Business Applications are available at the PBL office or students may contact throughout September. "I love to ride trains, but I've never worked on one," continued Shempp. (except Saturday) SACRAMENT OF CONFESSION: Saturday, to P. Advancing in his trade, he cooked in the New York Daily News executive dining facilities. Shenberger is Board certified by the American Board of Rheumatology and the . He points out that one out of every seven persons has or will contract some form of the disease and that five out of ten persons with arthritis have osterar- thritis.