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There was wide skepticism among the general public about the validity of the video.With many suspecting it to be a deliberate set up by Uniqlo to market their brand.

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Since I found very little English documentation about how this manifests itself, I experimentally confirmed the following in 2015: shut down a group, an administrator can remove each member from it.But then there is always scope for improvement, and the question “Can it do it all? How often have we texted a friend on our “favorite” messaging application, only to ask them to come online on our “favorite” video call application?Well, We Chat attempts to bridge that gap, creating an integrated solution for all your social interactions (well almost), be it Video Calls, Texting, Voice Messaging, Media Sharing, etc.Music lovers enjoyed star performances from local artists with guest appearances including the likes of Bottlesmoker and Superman is Dead. It’s a question that clients often ask us at Nanjing Marketing Group.We Chat has laid down clear policies with regard to posting pornographic content. The We Chat Operations Platform publishes weekly statistics on the numbers of official We Chat accounts that are punished due to breaching their pornography guidelines. These are punishments for ‘Official Accounts’ so don’t be worried about your personal account being blocked because of that gif you sent yesterday.

In the battle for article views and followers on We Chat, sex is a powerful tool.

In fact the latest figures released by Tencent show that in Q4 2013 We Chat had 355 million active monthly users reflecting the expansion of users outside of China.

A report from January 2014 suggested that We Chat had 100 million registered overseas users.

Even then, each member continues to keep a copy of the group chat history for the time they were a member, until they delete it themselves or reinstall etc.)No immediate effect unless you check their Album (Moments), which will be blank if they've turned off "Public Moments" in the privacy settings (but this could also mean they've seleted "Don't share my moments" with you, or simply haven't ever posted anything); if they have "Public Moments" turned on then you will see the message "Only 10 posts of this user are visible" (the Chinese version of this message begins "non good-friend" which was lost in translation), and the options to Like or comment on the posts are not displayed.

Not to be confused with the message "Only 3 days of Moments are viewable" (which happens if they set Settings / Privacy / Set a time limit for Moments viewable by others)--- one applies whether or not you've been deleted, and still lets you comment if not.

If they deleted you and you try to send further messages outside the Album, you are automatically put back through the process of adding yourself to their contacts: if they've turned on "friend confirmation", you'll see "(Person) has requested friend verification.