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Bratz dating games online

The girls want to kiss their boyfriends, but they can't do it when another girl is watching, so, you will have to help them kiss and stop when you are in danger to get caught by any other girl of these four.

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The administrative team of has added 92 Bratz Games, but promises to add new games every day in this category of games for children.You already know that there are four original Bratz dolls, Sasha, Jade, Yasmin and Cloe, and they are more than just bestfriends, they are like sisters, living in one house, with their boyfriends too.So, since it's Sasha's birthday, obviously that there is a birthday party at these Bratz dolls home, and you girls are also invited, but you will have to help them with a quest.The whole marketing focus suggests to young girls that they should have a secret rendezvous or encounter with a stranger.It's just a truly horrific product, sending an almost unbelievably bad message to children.Something we hope you'll especially enjoy: This is a [...] product, and [...].

The marketing for the "Secret Date" products, marketed to young girls, suggests to them that they have a "secret" midnight date with a stranger they don't know (the television ad shows the doll sneaking out at night with a man who appears behind a frosted glass door with a question mark over his face - suggesting that not knowing how you will be dating till you open the door/sneaking out to meet a complete stranger - is a good thing).

Bratz Kissing is skill-based game where Sasha has to kiss her boyfriend in her bedroom without being noticed by her mom.

Control: Use the mouse click to kiss and release to stop kissing.

You can dress up the beautiful models with the latest fashionable clothes and do their make up to complete their look. All you need to do is to design your own clothes and accessories.

Meet our new beautiful games for girls in our new category of games named Bratz games where, you will meet the four fashionable Bratz dolls which are loved by girls from all over the world reason for why we bring them on

Sisi has convinced these four magnificent girls to appear in our games. Now you can have them all and play with each any anyone of them for as long as you want in these free bratz games. Yasmin is known as the one who rules with creative vintage style “Pretty Princess”.