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Aquarius woman dating taurus man

These basic elemental qualities are also mirrored in the astrological signs of Aquarius and Capricorn. This sign needs her freedom to come and go as she pleases.

Taurus woman likes to stick to her ideas about life. If Aquarius is ready to drop anchor in a committed relationship, this meets Taurus' need for security.If the flighty, universal lover is able to alight on one flower (Taurus), a match can be made. First dates are about being sized up, sussing out the actual, tangible dimensions of the elusive Waterbearer.My man is a Taurus and we have been together 5 years. But whatever you do, be conscious of why and this will insure that you are nobody’s fool. He seeks other women’s attention to make his ego feel better or validated in some way – or maybe he just is flirty. But it sounds like you feel about him, something akin to what you would feel for a child. Above all, Aquarius wants multi-directional freedom, and gets restless sitting in one place too long.

Taurus might prefer a chill first date, whereas Aquarius is at home in pulsing, bustling places.

Both Taurus and Aquarius are very stubborn in their nature which may lead to unnecessary compatibility problems.

Aquarius careless attitude towards love may enrage Taurus, who is very passionate.

If personalities clash, it'll likely be on that first -- and last -- date.

There's a mutual fascination here that keeps the other tuned in.

Capricorn is known to have deep emotions, but on the outside, he gives the impression of being a very cool calculating businessman.