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Apple tv youtube favorites not updating

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Then press the Play/Pause button and choose Delete or Hide.

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He says he is not able to view a history of search terms he entered for movies and serials. He says he will pay $20 a month just to get the You TUBE from the old Apple TV back, because the interface was suitable to him .....Find new and classic cartoons of Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto.· Browse your favorite Mickey & Friends collections all in one place· Access to all the new Mickey Mouse cartoons· Find new cartoons and seasonal content updates· Watch Disney classics, remixed cartoons, You Tube favorites, and more· Mickey's Picks of other exciting videos and shows from Disney This app makes it so easy for me to watch not only the newest Disney shorts but the classic ones too!I love watching the newest ones that Disney has come out with but the classic ones which I have not seen. I was told in no uncertain terms to reduce my stress.If you’re not having any luck, try deleting the You Tube app.You can do this by holding down on Siri Apple TV Remote’s touchpad until the app icons start wobbling.Apple removed the stock You Tube application from i OS 6. The new Utube app does not function even if you are logged in to your Google account. Cannot access favorites from before upgrading to IOS6 on my Iphone.

Since then, You Tube has launched a free stand-alone app that can be installed from the App Store. If this is the best they can do, they should not be in the business.

It gives him a lift and us something to laugh about together, it makes him not feel so far away.

Thank you-Jenna I am absolutely satisfied with app. Even though we still need an internet connection, I can still use data when I want to watch it on the go.

I tried searching Google, and performed the following Others suggest seeing a movie on i Phone and i Pad and then clicking the triangle in box to make it play in Apple TV.

No matter how many times I tried explaining this process to my father, he couldn't understand, and was very frustrated and irritated (he suffers from lot of chronic pain, so seeing serials from You Tube's Apple TV gives relief, it takes his mind away from things) What other workaround can I try so that the You Tube icon will appear on Apple TV?

Some users are asking how to access their You Tube account, including favorited videos from the old app. Tap the menu icon in the upper left hand corner of the screen. Bring back the original UTube app that was on my IPhone 4S when purchased.