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9 pros cons dating pothead

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There are many pros and cons that come with being a stoner girl, but unfortunately, the cons often tend to outweigh the pros.As if being a chick wasn’t hard enough, being a stoner girl can be even tougher.

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Yet, unlike men, female smokers are usually considered to be “unladylike” and often feel like they have to prove themselves when smoking amongst a group of guys.In many ways, he's right: nerds make the world run, if not exactly ruling the world.A nerd is someone who can be so fascinated by quantum mechanics or punctuated equilibrium that one forgets everything that is happening in the present.But it begs the question; asked by many pothead players: Specifically, does cannabis intoxication make it easier or harder to pick up women? But it can also hold you back and make things much more challenging… But expect glassy red eyes and the smell of weed clinging to your clothes and face. Solve all that with a shower, good cologne, eye drops, and toothbrush. So if you’re already anxious when dealing with women, weed will magnify your mood and likely make your game sloppier. You’ll need killer game instincts to cut through that stoned fog.Even though girls can handle a bong just as much, if not more than guys can, there is a stigma associated with you if you’re a chick who likes to smoke pot.

However, it’s not seeds and stems when you’re a stoner girl. And sometimes being pretty means a little discount on your purchases, or getting smoked up for free. But above all, it’s important to know that marijuana has no gender labels.

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A nerd can be someone who cares deeply about punctuation, because it has a definable set of rules, and it helps people communicate.

A nerd may be someone who wouldn't know the first thing about asking a guy out because she's in love with math and science. Whatever your definition of a nerd, read on for tips on how to think like a nerd, act like a nerd, and maybe even dress like a nerd.

I actually walked out of a date (after paying of course) and said to myself, that’s it. The app isn’t just for dating (though that will presumably be its primary function).